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Bordt M; Milligan B; Praphotjanaporn T, 2020, Technical Guidance on Ocean Accounting for Sustainable Development, UNESCAP and Global Ocean Accounts Partnership, Version 0.8 Consultation Draft,

Milligan B; Mehra M, 2019, Environmental law-making for sustainable development: A guide for legislators, UN Environment,,

Porras I; Mohammed E; Milligan B; James P; Harper S; Pochet G; Vargas R; Merayo E; Steele P, 2019, No hidden catch: Mainstreaming values of small-scale fisheries in national accounts, IIED,

Ekins P; Hughes N; Pye S; Winning M; Macrory R; Milligan B; Hazeldine S; Watson J, 2017, The role of CCS in meeting climate policy targets, Global CCS Institute,

Helsingen H; Milligan B; Dailey M; Bhagabati N, 2017, Greening China’s Belt and Road Initiative in Myanmar: Rapid Assessment of Opportunities and Risks for Myanmar’s Natural Capital,,

Martinez Romera B; Smith T; Milligan B; Andersson K; Grahn M, 2017, Nordic Action for a Transformation to Low-Carbon Shipping, 2017:544,,

Ekins P; Hughes N; Milligan B, 2017, Rapid Assessment on the Prospects and Economic Implications of Resource Efficiency:,

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