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Altulyan M; Yao L; Wang X; Huang C; Kanhere SS; Sheng QZ, 2021, 'A Survey on Recommender Systems for Internet of Things: Techniques, Applications and Future Directions', The Computer Journal,

Altulyan M; Yao L; Wang X; Huang C; Kanhere SS; Sheng QZ, 2020, 'Recommender Systems for the Internet of Things: A Survey', ,

Altulyan M; Yao L; Kanhere SS; Wang X; Huang C, 2020, 'A unified framework for data integrity protection in people-centric smart cities', Multimedia Tools and Applications, vol. 79, pp. 4989 - 5002,

Huang C; Yao L; Wang X; Benatallah B; Zhang X, 2020, 'Software expert discovery via knowledge domain embeddings in a collaborative network', Pattern Recognition Letters, vol. 130, pp. 46 - 53,

Wang X; Huang C; Yao L; Benatallah B; Dong M, 2018, 'A Survey on Expert Recommendation in Community Question Answering', Journal of Computer Science and Technology, vol. 33, pp. 625 - 653,

Yao L; Wang X; Sheng QZ; Benatallah B; Huang C, 2018, 'Mashup Recommendation by Regularizing Matrix Factorization with API Co-Invocations', IEEE Transactions on Services Computing,

Dong M; Yao L; Wang X; Benatallah B; Huang C; Ning X, 2018, 'Opinion fraud detection via neural autoencoder decision forest', Pattern Recognition Letters,

Zhang X; Yao L; Huang C; Gu T; Yang Z; Liu Y, 'DeepKey: A Multimodal Biometric Authentication System via Deep Decoding Gaits and Brainwaves', ACM Transactions on Intelligent Systems and Technology (TIST)

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