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Palmer E, 2020, 'Potassium Channel Mutations in Epilepsy', in Bhattacharjee A (ed.), The Oxford Handbook of Neuronal Ion Channels, Oxford University Press, Oxford, UK,

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Baygin M; Barua PD; Chakraborty S; Tuncer I; Dogan S; Palmer E; Tuncer T; Kamath AP; Ciaccio EJ; Acharya UR, 2023, 'CCPNet136: automated detection of schizophrenia using carbon chain pattern and iterative TQWT technique with EEG signals', Physiological measurement, vol. 44,

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Palmer EE; Sachdev R; Beavis E; Macintosh R; Le Marne FA; Nevin SM; Bye AME; Nunn K, 2022, 'Hope in the uncertainties and certainty for parents of children with rare neurological disorders. Part I (of 3): Uncertainty', Journal of Paediatrics and Child Health, vol. 58, pp. 1718 - 1721,

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