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Palmer EE; Caroll R; Shaw M; Kumar R; Nawaz U; Minoche A; Leffler M; Murray L; Macintosh R; Wright D; Troedson C; McKenzie F; Townshend S; Ward M; Ravine A; Runke CK; Thorland EC; Hummel M; Foulds N; Pichon O; Isidor B; Le Caignec C; Bye A; Sachdev R; Kirk EP; Cowley MJ; Field M; Gecz J, 2020, 'RLIM is a candidate dosage sensitive gene for individuals with varying duplications of Xq13, intellectual disability and recognizable facial features.', in EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF HUMAN GENETICS, SPRINGERNATURE, pp. 995 - 996,

Zerem A; Haginoya K; Lev D; Blumkin L; Kivity S; Linder I; Shoubridge C; Palmer EE; Field M; Boyle J; Chitayat D; Gaillard WD; Kossoff EH; Willems M; Genevieve D; Tran-Mau-Them F; Epstein O; Heyman E; Dugan S; Masurel-Paulet A; Piton A; Kleefstra T; Pfundt R; Sato R; Tzschach A; Matsumoto N; Saitsu H; Leshinsky-Silver E; Lerman-Sagie T, 2016, 'THE MOLECULAR AND PHENOTYPIC SPECTRUM OF IQSEC2 RELATED EPILEPSY', in EPILEPSIA, WILEY, pp. 21 - 22

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