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Tasci I; Tasci B; Barua PD; Dogan S; Tuncer T; Palmer EE; Fujita H; Acharya UR, 2023, 'Epilepsy detection in 121 patient populations using hypercube pattern from EEG signals', Information Fusion, 96, pp. 252 - 268,

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Baygin M; Barua PD; Chakraborty S; Tuncer I; Dogan S; Palmer E; Tuncer T; Kamath AP; Ciaccio EJ; Acharya UR, 2023, 'CCPNet136: automated detection of schizophrenia using carbon chain pattern and iterative TQWT technique with EEG signals', Physiological Measurement, 44,

Barua PD; Aydemir E; Dogan S; Erten M; Kaysi F; Tuncer T; Fujita H; Palmer E; Acharya UR, 2023, 'Novel favipiravir pattern-based learning model for automated detection of specific language impairment disorder using vowels', Neural Computing and Applications, 35, pp. 6065 - 6077,

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Tasci G; Loh HW; Barua PD; Baygin M; Tasci B; Dogan S; Tuncer T; Palmer EE; Tan RS; Acharya UR, 2023, 'Automated accurate detection of depression using twin Pascal's triangles lattice pattern with EEG Signals', Knowledge-Based Systems, 260, pp. 110190 - 110190,

Strnadová I; Loblinzk J; Scully JL; Danker J; Tso M; Jackaman KM; Dunn M; Willow SA; Sarfaraz S; Fitzgerald V; Boyle J; Palmer EE, 2023, '“I am not a number!” Opinions and preferences of people with intellectual disability about genetic healthcare', European Journal of Human Genetics,

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McKnight L; Schultz A; Vidic N; Palmer EE; Jaffe A, 2023, 'Learning to make a difference for chILD: Value creation through network collaboration and team science', Pediatric Pulmonology,

Muezzinoglu T; Baygin N; Tuncer I; Barua PD; Baygin M; Dogan S; Tuncer T; Palmer EE; Cheong KH; Acharya UR, 2023, 'PatchResNet: Multiple Patch Division–Based Deep Feature Fusion Framework for Brain Tumor Classification Using MRI Images', Journal of Digital Imaging,

Devi A; Palmer EE; Ganguly R; Barua PD, 2023, 'Teachers’ Educational Experiences and Preparedness in Teaching Students with Autism', Asia-Pacific Education Researcher,

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Barua PD; Baygin N; Dogan S; Baygin M; Arunkumar N; Fujita H; Tuncer T; Tan RS; Palmer E; Azizan MMB; Kadri NA; Acharya UR, 2022, 'Automated detection of pain levels using deep feature extraction from shutter blinds-based dynamic-sized horizontal patches with facial images', Scientific Reports, 12,

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Nevin SM; Wakefield CE; Dadich A; LeMarne F; Macintosh R; Beavis E; Sachdev R; Bye A; Nunn K; Palmer EE, 2022, 'Hearing parents' voices: A priority-setting workshop to inform a suite of psychological resources for parents of children with rare genetic epilepsies', PEC Innovation, 1, pp. 100014 - 100014,

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Nguyen CQ; Alba-Concepcion K; Palmer EE; Scully JL; Millis N; Farrar MA, 2022, 'The involvement of rare disease patient organisations in therapeutic innovation across rare paediatric neurological conditions: a narrative review', Orphanet Journal of Rare Diseases, 17,

Robertson EG; Kelada L; Best S; Goranitis I; Grainger N; Le Marne F; Pierce K; Nevin SM; Macintosh R; Beavis E; Sachdev R; Bye A; Palmer EE, 2022, 'Acceptability and feasibility of an online information linker service for caregivers who have a child with genetic epilepsy: A mixed-method pilot study protocol', BMJ Open, 12, pp. e063249,

Nevin SM; Beavis E; Macintosh R; Palmer EE; Sachdev R; Le Marne FA; Bye AME; Nunn K, 2022, 'Hope in the uncertainties and certainty for parents of children with rare neurological disorders: Part 2 (of 3): Certainty', Journal of Paediatrics and Child Health, 58, pp. 1722 - 1725,

Bye AME; Le Marne FA; Beavis E; Macintosh R; Nevin SM; Palmer EE; Sachdev R; Nunn K, 2022, 'Hope in the uncertainties and certainty for parents of children with rare neurological disorders: Part 3 (of 3): Hope', Journal of Paediatrics and Child Health, 58, pp. 1726 - 1728,

Palmer EE; Sachdev R; Beavis E; Macintosh R; Le Marne FA; Nevin SM; Bye AME; Nunn K, 2022, 'Hope in the uncertainties and certainty for parents of children with rare neurological disorders. Part I (of 3): Uncertainty', Journal of Paediatrics and Child Health, 58, pp. 1718 - 1721,

Barua PD; Dogan S; Baygin M; Tuncer T; Palmer EE; Ciaccio EJ; Acharya UR, 2022, 'TMP19: A Novel Ternary Motif Pattern-Based ADHD Detection Model Using EEG Signals', Diagnostics, 12,

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