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Cifuentes J; Tanttu T; Gilbert W; Huang J; Vahapoglu E; Leon R; Serrano S; Otter D; Dunmore D; Mai P; Schlattner F; Feng M; Itoh K; Abrosimov N; Pohl H-J; Thewalt M; Laucht A; Yang C-H; Escott C; Lim WH; Hudson F; Rahman R; Dzurak A; Saraiva A, 2023, Bounds to electron spin qubit variability for scalable CMOS architectures, http://dx.doi.org10.21203/,

Vahapoglu E; Slack-Smith JP; Leon RCC; Lim WH; Hudson FE; Day T; Cifuentes JD; Tanttu T; Yang CH; Saraiva A; Abrosimov NV; Pohl H-J; Thewalt MLW; Laucht A; Dzurak AS; Pla JJ, 2021, Coherent control of electron spin qubits in silicon using a global field,,

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