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Johnson F; Sharma A, 2016, 'Design Rainfalls', in Chow's Handbook of Applied Hydrology, Second Edition, McGraw-Hill Education

Bates B; McLuckie D; Westra S; Johnson FM; Green J; Mummery J; Abbs D, 2016, 'Climate Change Considerations', in Ball J; Babister M; Nathan R; Weeks B; Weinmann E; Retallick M; Testoni I (ed.), Australian Rainfall and Runoff: A Guide to Flood Estimation,

Green J; Johnson FM; Beesley C; The C, 2016, 'Design Rainfalls', in Ball J; Babister M; Nathan R; Week B; Weinmann E; Retallick M; Testoni I (ed.), Australian Rainfall and Runoff: A Guide to Flood Estimation

Sharma A; Mehrotra R; Johnson FM, 2013, 'A New Framework for Modeling Future Hydrologic Extremes: Nested Bias Correction as a Precursor to Stochastic Rainfall Downscaling', in Surampalli RY; Gurjar BR; Zhang TC; Ojha CSP (ed.), Climate Change Modeling, Mitigation, and Adaptation, ASCE, USA, pp. 357 - 386,

Journal articles

Sharifazari S; Palmer JG; Higgins PA; Rao MP; Johnson F; Turney CSM; Martín-Benito D; Andersen MS, 2023, '500-year reconstruction of Dez River discharge in southwestern Iran from tree rings', Journal of Hydrology, 624, pp. 129895 - 129895,

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Stephens CM; Marshall LA; Johnson FM; Ajami H; Lin L; Band LE, 2022, 'Spatial Variation in Catchment Response to Climate Change Depends on Lateral Moisture Transport and Nutrient Dynamics', Water Resources Research, 58,

Stephens CM; Pham HT; Marshall LA; Johnson FM, 2022, 'Which Rainfall Errors Can Hydrologic Models Handle? Implications for Using Satellite-Derived Products in Sparsely Gauged Catchments', Water Resources Research, 58,

Higgins PA; Palmer JG; Turney CSM; Andersen MS; Johnson F, 2022, 'Do Southern Hemisphere tree rings record past volcanic events? A case study from New Zealand', Climate of the Past, 18, pp. 1169 - 1188,

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