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Wasko C; Westra S; Nathan R; Pepler A; Raupach T; Dowdy A; Johnson F; Ho M; McInnes K; Jakob D; Evans J; Villarini G; Fowler H, 2023, A systematic review of climate change science relevant to Australian design flood estimation, ,

Peter J; Vogel E; Sharples W; Bende-Michl U; Wilson L; Hope P; Dowdy A; Kociuba G; Srikanthan S; Duong VC; Roussis J; Matic V; Khan Z; Oke A; Turner M; Baron-Hay S; Johnson F; Mehrotra R; Sharma A; Thatcher M; Azarvinand A; Thomas S; Boschat G; Donnelly C; Argent R, 2023, Continental-scale bias-corrected climate and hydrological projections for Australia, ,

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