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Higgins P; Palmer J; Johnson F; Andersen M; Turney C, 2023, Exploring Pacific Island hydroclimatic extremes using the South Pacific Drought Atlas,

Johnson F; Higgins P; Andersen M; Howey K; Kearnes M; Khan S; Leslie G, 2023, Social production of ignorance – the role for geoscientists in addressing “undone science”,

Liu S; Glamore W; Liu Y; Johnson F, 2023, Using remotely sensed data to understand global lake colour variability,

Johnson F; Jiang Z, 2023, Wavelet-based post-processing of NWP precipitation forecasts,

Stephens C; Marshall L; Johnson F; Lin L; Band L; Ajami H, 2022, Can examining past variability help us understand catchment response to future climate change?,

Higgins PA; Palmer JG; Turney CSM; Andersen MS; Johnson F, 2021, Supplementary material to "Do Southern Hemisphere tree rings record past volcanic events?",

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