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Pilling F; Akmal HA; Lindley J; Gradinar A; Coulton P, 2022, 'Making AI Infused Products and Services more Legible', Leonardo, pp. 1 - 11,

Akmal H; Coulton P, 2021, 'More-than-Human Game Design: Playing in the Internet of Things', Acta Ludologica, vol. 4, pp. 72 - 92,

Pilling F; Lindley J; Akmal HA; Coulton P, 2021, 'Design (non) fiction: Deconstructing/ reconstructing the definitional dualism of AI', International Journal of Film and Media Arts, vol. 6, pp. 6 - 32,

Lindley J; Akmal HA; Coulton P, 2020, 'Design Research and Object-Oriented Ontology', Open Philosophy, vol. 3, pp. 11 - 41,

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