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McGrath-Champ S; Stacey M; Fitzgerald S; Gavin M; Wilson R, 2023, Teachers’ work and working conditions: Collaborating to drive change, NSW Teachers Federation, ,

Stacey M, 2021, Perspectives - Meghan Stacey, ,

Wilson R; Stacey M; McGrath-Champ S, 2020, Teachers’ work during the COVID-19 pandemic: Shifts, challenges and opportunities, Centre for Strategic Education, Melbourne, Victoria, ,

McGrath-Champ S; Wilson R; Stacey M; Fitzgerald S; Gavin M, 2020, Valuing the Teaching Profession Inquiry - Submission from the Teachers’ Work in Schools Research Team, ,

McGrath-Champ S; Wilson R; Fitzgerald S; Stacey M; Gavin M; Parding K, 2019, Submission to: Valuing Australia’s teachers: Parliamentary Inquiry into the status of the teaching profession, ,

Fitzgerald S; McGrath-Champ S; Wilson R; Stacey M; Rainnie A; Parding K, 2016, Submission to: Education and Health Standing Committee Inquiry into the Department of Education's Independent Public Schools Initiative, ,$file/18.pdf

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