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Stacey M, 2024, 'Deficit discourses and teachers’ work: the case of an early career teacher in a remote Indigenous school', in Critical Studies and the International Field of Indigenous Education Research, Routledge

Stacey M; Fitzgerald S; Wilson R; McGrath-Champ S; Gavin M, 2023, 'Teachers, fixed-term contracts and school leadership: toeing the line and jumping through hoops', in Educational Leadership and Policy in a Time of Precarity, Routledge, pp. 54 - 68,

Mills M; Mockler N; Stacey M; Taylor B, 2023, 'Introduction', in ‘The Village and the World’, Routledge, pp. 1 - 6,

Mills M; Mockler N; Stacey M; Taylor B, 2023, 'Teachers' orientations to educational research and data in England and Australia: implications for teacher professionalism', in ‘The Village and the World’, Routledge, pp. 77 - 98,

Stacey M; Mockler N, 2023, 'Purposes of education: freedom of the individual or ‘collective good’?', in Policy Foundations of Education, Bloomsbury, pp. 33 - 58

Mockler N; Stacey M, 2022, 'Teachers' work amid global education reform: “the greatest challenge”?', in International Encyclopedia of Education: Fourth Edition, Elsevier, pp. 29 - 38,

Gavin M; McGrath-Champ S; Wilson R; Fitzgerald S; Stacey M, 2021, 'Teacher workload in Australia: National reports of intensification and its threats to democracy', in Riddle S; Heffernan A; Bright D (ed.), New Perspectives on Education for Democracy: Creative Responses to Local and Global Challenges, Routledge, London, pp. 110 - 123,

McGrath-Champ S; Gavin M; Stacey M, 2020, 'Strategy and policy: the 'professionalisation' of teaching and the work of an Australian teachers' union', in Lansbury RD; Johnson A; van den Broek D (ed.), Contemporary issues in work and organisations: actors and institutions, Routledge, Abingdon, pp. 110 - 126,

Hayes D; Stacey M, 2018, 'Ethnographies in education: Misunderstandings and new developments', in Gannon S; Hattam R; Sawyer W (ed.), Resisting Educational Inequality Reframing Policy and Practice in Schools Serving Vulnerable Communities, pp. 203 - 213

Forsey M; Proctor H; Stacey M, 2017, 'A most poisonous debate: Legitimizing support for Australian private schools', in Koinzer T; Nikolai R; Waldow F (ed.), Private Schools and School Choice in Compulsory Education Global Change and National Challenge, Springer, pp. 49 - 66

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