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Zalnieriute M; Bennett Moses L; Williams G, 2021, 'Automating Government Decision-Making: Implications for the Rule of Law', in Technology, Innovation and Access to Justice Dialogues on the Future of Law, Edinburgh University Press, Edinburgh, UK, pp. 91 - 111,

Zalnieriute M; Bell F, 2021, 'Technology and the Judicial Role', in Appleby G; Lynch A (ed.), The Judge, the Judiciary and the Court: Individual, Collegial and Institutional Judicial Dynamics in Australia, pp. 116 - 142,

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Zalnieriute M, 2019, 'Digital Rights Of LGBTI Communities: A Roadmap For A Dual Human Rights Framework', in Wagner B; Kettemann MC; Vieth K (ed.), Research Handbook on Human Rights and Digital Technology Global Politics, Law and International Relations, Edward Elgar Publishing, pp. 411 - 434,

Zalnieriute M, 2017, 'The anatomy of neoliberal Internet governance: A queer critical political economy perspective', in Otto D (ed.), Queering International Law: Possibilities, Alliances, Complicities, Risks, pp. 53 - 74,

Journal articles

Zalnieriute M, 2022, 'A Struggle for Competence: National Security, Surveillance and the Scope of EU Law at the Court of Justice of European Union', The Modern Law Review, vol. 85,

Zalnieriute M, 2022, 'Data Transfers after Schrems II: The EU – US Disagreements over Data Privacy and National Security', Vanderbilt Journal of Transnational Law, vol. 55(1) forthcoming, pp. 1 - 60,

Zalnieriute M, 2021, 'Burning Bridges: Facial Recognition Technology and Public Space Surveillance in the Modern State', Columbia Science and Technology Law Review, vol. 22(2),

Zalnieriute M; Bennett Moses L; Williams G, 2021, 'The Rule of Law "By Design"?', Tulane law review, vol. 95(5), pp. 1063 - 1101,

Zalnieriute M, 2021, '"Transparency-Washing": The Corporate Agenda of Procedural Fetishism', Critical Analysis of Law, vol. 8(1), pp. 39 - 53,

Zalnieriute M; Weiss C, 2021, 'Reconceptualizing Intersectionality in Judicial Interpretation: Moving Beyond Formalistic Accounts of Discrimination on Islamic Covering Prohibitions', Berkeley Journal of Gender Law and Justice, vol. 35(1), pp. 71 - 90,

Zalnieriute M; Churches G, 2021, 'Rejecting the Transatlantic Outsourcing of Data Protection in the Face of Unrestrained Surveillance', Cambridge Law Journal, vol. 80, pp. 8 - 11,

Zalnieriute M; Bennett Moses L; Williams G, 2020, '法治与政府决策自动化', 理论月刊 (Theory Monthly), vol. 11, pp. 119 - 131,

Zalnieriute M, 2020, 'The Future of Data Retention Regime in the EU After Qadrature Du Net and Privacy International Judgments', American Society of International Law Insights,

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Zalnieriute M, 2020, 'Google LLC vs Commission Nationale de l’informatique et des Libertés (CNIL)', American Journal of International Law, vol. 114, pp. 261 - 267,

Zalnieriute M, 2020, 'The Future of Data Retention Regime in the EU After Qadrature Du Net and Privacy International Judgments', American Society of International Law Insights, vol. 24, pp. 1 - 6,

Zalnieriute M, 2019, 'From Human Rights Aspirations to Enforceable Obligations by Non-State Actors in the Digital Age: The Case of Internet Governance and ICANN', Yale Journal of Law and Technology, vol. 21, pp. 278 - 336,

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Zalnieriute M, 2018, 'Developing a European Standard for International Data Transfers after Snowden: Opinion 1/15 on the EU‐Canada PNR Agreement', The Modern Law Review, vol. 81(6), pp. 1046 - 1063,

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Zalnieriute M, 2013, 'Court of Appeal Case May Pave the Way for Compensation for Distress under Data Protection Act', Privacy Laws & Business, UK Report, pp. 8 - 8

Conference Presentations

Zalnieriute M, 2021, 'Technology and the Judicial Role', presented at iCON Annual Conference, Wraclaw, Poland (Online), 09 July 2021

Zalnieriute M, 2021, 'Rule of Law and Facial Recognition Technology', presented at 9th Biennial Surveillance & Society Conference of the Surveillance Studies Network,, Rotterdam, The Netherlands, 08 June 2021

Zalnieriute M, 2021, 'Transparency Washing', presented at Transparency in the Digital Environment Conference, organized by Center of Ethics, University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada, 07 May 2021

Zalnieriute M, 2020, 'Rule of Law by Design?', presented at AI and the Rule of Law: Regulation and Ethics, Annual Conference 2020, organized by the Information Law and Policy Centre, Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, London, UK (Online), 19 November 2020

Zalnieriute M, 2020, 'Rule of Law by Design?', presented at EU Commission, Digitranscope Institute, Florence, Italy (Online), 05 October 2020

Zalnieriute M, 2020, 'How Technology has Changed Public Law and How We Must Respond in the Classroom', presented at Public Law in the Classroom Conference, UNSW Law, Sydney, Australia, 20 February 2020


Zalnieriute M, 2021, Protests and Public Space Surveillance: From Metadata Tracking to Facial Recognition Technologies,

Zalnieriute M, 2021, 'AI in Higher Education', Submission to UNESCO Institute for Information Technologies in Education

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