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Zalnieriute M, 2021, Protests and Public Space Surveillance: From Metadata Tracking to Facial Recognition Technologies,

Zalnieriute M, 2021, 'AI in Higher Education', Submission to UNESCO Institute for Information Technologies in Education

Zalnieriute M, 2021, From Data Retention to Facial Recognition Technologies: Counter-Terrorism Implications for Human Rights and the Rule of Law,

Zalnieriute M; Bennett Moses L, 2021, The Rule of Law and Counter-Terrorism,

Amankaviciute S; Pringle H; Zalnieriute M, 2021, Freedom of Expression of Women in the Public Sphere: From Objectification to Technology Facilitated Sexual Violence,

Zalnieriute M, 2021, Gender Justice and Freedom of Expression: From Public Spaces to Digital Platforms and Facial Recognition Technologies,

Bennett Moses L; Churches G; Zalnieriute M; Byrnes A; Scully J; Kemp K; Greenleaf G, 2020, COVIDSafe App - Submission to the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Human Rights,

Churches G; Murdocca M; Zalnieriute M; Bennett Moses L, 2020, Submission to PJCIS’ Review of the effectiveness of the Telecommunications Legislation Amendment (International Production Orders),

Churches G; Zalnieriute M, 2020, Supplementary Submission to Review of the Mandatory Data Retention Regime prescribed by Part 5-1A of the Telecommunications (Interception and Access) Act 1979 (Cth) (‘TIA Act’),

Bennett Moses L; Zalnieriute M; Hartstein D; Nicholls R, 2020, Submission to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission’s Ad Tech Inquiry,

Churches G; Zalnieriute M, 2020, Submission to UNESCO’s Consultation on Ethics of Artificial Intelligence,

Bennett Moses L; Arcot Ananth SN; Zalnieriute M, 2019, Submission into the Inquiry into Victorian Anti-Vilification Laws,

Watson E; Churches G; Bennett Moses L; Zalnieriute M, 2019, Australia’s 2020 Cyber Security Strategy Submission to the Department of Home Affairs,

Zalnieriute M, 2019, Submission to the United Nations Human Rights Council Inquiry into New and Emerging Technologies,

Zalnieriute M; Bennett Moses L; Williams G, 2019, Submission to the Senate Community Affairs References Committee’s Inquiry into Centrelink's Compliance Program,

Bennett Moses L; Churches G; Watson E; Zalnieriute M, 2019, Submission to the Data Sharing and Release Legislative Reforms Discussion Paper,

Churches G; Zalnieriute M; Bennett Moses L, 2019, Review of the Identity-matching Services Bill 2019 and the Australian Passports Amendment (Identity-matching Services) Bill 2019,

Churches G; Zalnieriute M; Greenleaf G, 2019, NSW Needs a Strong Mandatory Data Breach Scheme: Submission to Inquiry into NSW Adopting a Mandatory Reporting Scheme for Data Breaches,

Vaile D; Wijeyaratne S; Churches G; Zalnieriute M, 2019, Submission Telecommunications Data Retention Review,

Zalnieriute M; Churches G, 2019, Submission to Review of the Australian Federal Mandatory Data Retention Regime,

Zalnieriute M; Bennett Moses L; Boughey J; Burton L; Bhathela N, 2019, Submission to the OHCHR Thematic Report to the United Nations General Assembly on Digital Technology, Social Protection and Human Rights

Zalnieriute M; Gould-Fensom O, 2019, Artificial Intelligence: Australia’s Ethics Framework Submission to the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science,

Zalnieriute M; Bennet Moses L; Williams G, 2019, Submission to the Joint Standing Committee on Electoral Matters Inquiry into the 2019 Federal Election

Johns F; Compton C; Zalnieriute M; Bennett Moses L; McAdam J; Goodwin-Gill G, 2019, Submission to the UNHCR’s Global Virtual Summit on Digital Identity for Refugees ‘Envisioning a digital identity ecosystem in support of the Global Compact on Refugees’,

Zalnieriute M; Vaile D; Bennett Moses L, 2018, The Privacy and Data Protection Regulatory framework for C-ITS and AV Systems,

Tatlow-Golden M; Boyland E; Jewell J; Zalnieriute M; Handlsey E; Breda J, 2016, Tackling food marketing to children in a digital world: trans-disciplinary perspectives,’ World Health Organization,

Zalnieriute M; Schneider T, 2015, A Council of Europe Analysis on ICANN’s Procedures and Policies in the Light of Human Rights, Fundamental Freedoms and Democratic Values,’ Council of Europe, Strasbourg, DGI(2014)12,,

Zalnieriute M, 2015, Issue Report for the Cross Community Working Party on ICANN’s Corporate and Social Responsibility to Respect Human Rights: Practical Recommendations for ICANN,

Zalnieriute M, 2015, ICANN’s Corporate Responsibility to Respect Human Rights,’ Policy Brief for Article 19: Global Campaign for Free Expression,,

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