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Nazarian N, 2024, Burning Money: The rising costs of heatwaves to Western Sydney,

Nazarian N, 2024, Quantifying the Risk of Airborne Disease Transmission using Smart CO2 Sensing

Nazarian N, 2023, Synthetic Turf in Public Spaces,

Nazarian N, 2022, Synthetic Turf in Public Spaces: Thermal Comfort, Heat Strain, and Heatrelated Health Risks,

Osmond P; Yu Y; Nazarian N, 2022, Mulpha Urban Cooling Design Guide, UNSW Sydney and Mulpha Norwest, Sydney,

Nazarian N, 2021, Cool Suburbs Tool - User guide and science rational

Zlatanova S; Diakite A; Barton J; Nazarian N, 2021, Liveable City Digital Twin: Analytics for agile decision making - Work package 2

Nazarian N, 2021, Neighborhood Characteristic & Climatic Zones in Norwest City,

Nazarian N, 2021, URBAN HEAT ASSESSMENT IN NORWEST City - Establishing a robust and transformational IoT sensor network and analytics,

Nazarian N; Pettit C, 2021, Urban Microclimate and Heat Mitigation Strategy for Mulpha Australia,

Nazarian N; Pettit C, 2021, Western Parklands City Sensor Network Heat & Air Quality Work Plan

Nazarian N, 2021, The Western Sydney Regional Organisation of Councils Ltd (WSROC) Cool Suburbs Rating Tool Science Advisory Report

Levinson R; Ban-Weiss G; Berdahl P; Chen S; Destaillats H; Dumas N; Gilbert H; Goudey H; Houzé de l’Aulnoit S; Kleissl J; Kurtz B; Li Y; Long Y; Mohegh A; Nazarian N; Pizzicotti M; Rosado P; Russell M; Slack J; Tang X; Zhang J; Zhang W, 2019, Solar-Reflective “Cool” Walls: Benefits, Technologies, and Implementation, Contract Number: EPC-14-010,

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