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Parchami M; Nazarian N; Hart M; Liu S, 2024, Can your Smartwatch Measure Ambient Air Temperature?, ,

Lu J; Nazarian N; Hart M; Krayenhoff S, 2024, A one-dimensional urban flow model with an Eddy-diffusivity Mass-flux (EDMF) scheme and refined turbulent transport (MLUCM v3.0), ,

Naserikia M; Hart M; Nazarian N; Sismanidis P; Kittner J; Bechtel B, 2024, Urban heat trends across global cities, ,

Nazarian N; Lu J; Hart M; Krayenhoff ES, 2024, UrbanTALES: A comprehensive dataset of Urban Turbulent Airflow using systematic Large Eddy Simulations, ,

Naserikia M; Hart MA; Nazarian N; Bechtel B; Nice KA, 2023, Understanding within-city interaction between surface and air temperatures, ,

Lu J; Nazarian N; Hart M; Krayenhoff S; Martilli A, 2023, Urban canopy parameterization of the non-local building effects with variable building height, ,

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