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Unnikrishnan A; Quynh AVN; Pickford R; Nunez A; Hesson L; Pimanda J, 2017, 'A NOVEL MASS SPECTROMETRY METHOD REVEALS THE INTRACELLULAR PHARMACOKINETICS OF AZACYTIDINE THERAPY IN VIVO', in HAEMATOLOGICA, FERRATA STORTI FOUNDATION, Madrid, SPAIN, Vol. 102, pp. 258 - 259, presented at 22nd Congress of the European-Hematology-Association, Madrid, SPAIN, 22 June 2017 - 25 June 2017,

Kim W; Jary E; Pickford R; Bartley L; Piguet O; Hodges J; Halliday G, 2016, 'Alteration in plasma lipids in frontotemporal dementia', in JOURNAL OF NEUROCHEMISTRY, WILEY-BLACKWELL, Munich, GERMANY, Vol. 138, pp. 399 - 400, presented at 10th International Conference on Frontotemporal Dementias, Munich, GERMANY, 31 August 2016 - 02 September 2016,

Harrison-Tikisci Z; von Jonquieres G; Rowlands B; Klugmann C; Delarue F; Ittner L; Pickford R; Housley G; Rae C; Klugmann M, 2015, 'N-acetylaspartate: genomics, phenomics and metabonomics', in JOURNAL OF NEUROCHEMISTRY, WILEY-BLACKWELL, Cairns, AUSTRALIA, Vol. 134, pp. 141 - 141, presented at 25th Biennial Meeting of the International-Society-for-Neurochemistry Jointly with the 13th Meeting of the Asian-Pacific-Society-for-Neurochemistry in Conjunction with the 35th Meeting of the Australasian-Neuroscience-Society, Cairns, AUSTRALIA, 23 August 2015 - 27 August 2015,

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