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Roberts M; Adams S; Samarakoon S; Kallmier E; Dillon M; Szczepaniak R; Passey R; Bruce A; Macgill I; Egan R; Kuch D, 2023, Energy resilience in bushfires and extreme weather events: Final report of the ESKIES project,

Adams S; Lancaster K; Rhodes T, 2023, Stakeholder perspectives on the hepatitis C prevalence estimate and its use in Australia’s hepatitis C elimination response: A briefing paper

Roberts M; Passey R; Adams S, 2021, Rewarding flexible demand: Customer friendly cost-reflective tariffs and incentives (H4 Opportunity Assesment), RACE for 2030,

Yildiz B; Adams S; Samarakoon S; Stringer N; Bruce A; Macgill I, 2021, Curtailment and Network Voltage Analysis Study (CANVAS) Project Report, CRC RACE for 2030,

Roberts M; Adams S; Kuch D, 2020, VPP User Research - Final Report

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