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Journal articles

Durakovic I; Aznavoorian L; Candido C, 2023, 'Togetherness and (work)Place: Insights from Workers and Managers during Australian COVID-Induced Lockdowns', Sustainability (Switzerland), vol. 15, pp. 94 - 94,

Karia A; Norman R; Robinson S; Lehnbom E; Laba T-L; Durakovic I; Balane C; Joshi R; Webster R, 2022, 'Pharmacist’s time spent: Space for Pharmacy-Based Interventions and Consultation TimE (SPICE) – An observational time and motion study', BMJ Open,

Marzban S; Durakovic I; Candido C; Mackey M, 2021, 'Learning to work from home: experience of Australian workers and organizational representatives during the first Covid-19 lockdowns', Journal of Corporate Real Estate, vol. 23, pp. 203 - 222,

Tezcan N; Durakovic I; Smith C; Lloyd E; D'Arcy S, 2020, 'Scaffolded, simulated work-integrated learning in design education: Beyond the live project', International Journal of Work-Integrated Learning, Special Issue,, vol. 21, pp. 521 - 529,

Karia AM; Balane C; Norman R; Robinson S; Lehnbom E; Durakovic I; Laba TL; Joshi R; Webster R, 2020, 'Community pharmacist workflow: Space for Pharmacy-based Interventions and Consultation TimE study protocol', International Journal of Pharmacy Practice, vol. 28, pp. 441 - 448,

Conference Presentations

Durakovic I; Marzban S; Candido C, 2021, 'Working from home during COVID-19 induced lockdowns: results from Australian workers and organisations', presented at 27TH ANNUAL CONFERENCE OF THE EUROPEAN REAL ESTATE SOCIETY, Online, 02 June 2021 - 05 June 2021,

Durakovic I; Aznavoorian L, 2021, 'Togetherness and Place considerations in the Post-Pandemic Workplace: learnings from the Australian lockdowns', presented at Workplace Trends Research Summit 2021, Online, 22 April 2021,

Durakovic I; Aznavoorian L, 2020, 'Togetherness and Place: COVID-19 Insights and Prompts for action in the post-pandemic workplace', presented at Explore the Future of work and the workplace: WORKTECH Asia Pacific Virtual Conference, 21 October 2020,

Conference Abstracts

Durakovic I, 2021, 'Academic workplaces', in Academic workplaces, Online, presented at TEMC 2021 Bright Futures, Online,

Durakovic I; Lloyd E, 2020, 'Collaborate Cambodia', in Collaborate Cambodia, presented at Australian Collaborative Education Network 2020 Virtual Summit: Beyond 2020: Creating the Future with WIL, 27 October 2020 - 28 October 2020,


Durakovic I, 2020, A Case Study of the Phenomenology of BHIVE

Durakovic I; Munao L; Marshall K, 2020, The Future of Work: Global impacts shaping the way we design workplaces,

Working Papers

Ghosen C; Durakovic I; Marzban S; Candido C, 2021, Transformations of the Academic workplace: 50 years of change in 10,

Durakovic I; Marzban S; Candido C, 2021, Managing Change: Lessons for leadership in new ways of hybrid working,

Durakovic I; Marzban S; Candido C; Ainsworth S, 2021, COVID-19 Benefits, Challenges and Learnings: Gender perspectives,

Durakovic I; Aznavoorian L, 2020, Place: How has the COVID-19 affected our connection to, and the importance of, Place?,


Durakovic I, 2020, What is 2020 teaching us about the Future of Work?,

Durakovic I; Knight B, 2020, Working from home: the end of the office as we know it?,

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