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Durakovic I; Marzban S; Candido C, 2021, 'Working from home during COVID-19 induced lockdowns: results from Australian workers and organisations', presented at 27TH ANNUAL CONFERENCE OF THE EUROPEAN REAL ESTATE SOCIETY, Online, 02 June 2021 - 05 June 2021,

Durakovic I; Aznavoorian L, 2021, 'Togetherness and Place considerations in the Post-Pandemic Workplace: learnings from the Australian lockdowns', presented at Workplace Trends Research Summit 2021, Online, 22 April 2021,

Durakovic I; Aznavoorian L, 2020, 'Togetherness and Place: COVID-19 Insights and Prompts for action in the post-pandemic workplace', presented at Explore the Future of work and the workplace: WORKTECH Asia Pacific Virtual Conference, 21 October 2020,

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