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Otsuji E; Fukui N; Nakane I; Hayes C, 2021, '世界とつながる日本語ユーザーの育成、Sekai to tsunagaru Nihongo yuuzaa no ikusee, Cultivating Japanese Users who Connect to the World', ことばと社会, Kotoba to Syakai, Languages and Societies, pp. 186 - 189

Hayes C; Nakane I; Fukui N; Nagami M; Ogino M; Otsuji E, 2021, 'Are ‘advanced’ Japanese language programs sustainable? A look at Australia, New Zealand and Singapore', Melbourne Asia Review, vol. 7,

Thomson C; Fukui N, 2019, 'Issues and practices of overseas Japanese language teacher training and practicum: an Australian case study [Kaigai de no kyouin yousei, kyouiku jisshuu no jissen to kadai: Oosutoraria no genba kara]', Journal of Japanese Language Teaching Nihongo Kyoiku, vol. 172, pp. 48 - 61,

Fukui N; Kwaguchi , 2015, '" Designing a Japanese Learning Environment for Peer Learning Using the Social Networking Service BEBO "', Electronic Journal of Foreign Language Teaching, vol. 12, pp. 115 - 134,

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