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Gendera S; Pe-Pua R; Katz I, 2012, 'Social cohesion and social capital: the experience of Australian Muslim families in two communities', in Mansouri F; Marotta V (ed.), Muslims in the West and the challenges of belonging, Melbourne University Press, Melbourne, pp. 89 - 113

Gendera S, 2011, 'Gaining an insight into Central European transnational care spaces: migrant live-in care workers in Austria', in Bommes M; Sciortino G (ed.), Foggy social structures: irregular migration, European labour markets and the welfare state, edn. Original, Amsterdam University Press, Amsterdam, pp. 91 - 115

Hollomey C; Bilger V; Gendera S, 2008, 'Changing dynamics in irregular migrant employment in Austria: results of a Delphi-Study', in Drbohlav D (ed.), Migrants in the Informal Economy Activities: the Czech Republic in a European context, edn. Original, Karolinum, Prague, pp. 247 - 262

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