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Lancaster K; Gendera S; Treloar C; Rhodes T; Shahbazi J; Byrne M; Nielsen S; Degenhardt L; Farrell M, 2024, 'Tinkering with care: Implementing extended-release buprenorphine depot treatment for opioid dependence', International Journal of Drug Policy, 126, pp. 104359,

Alexander J; Gendera S; Fisher K; Robinson S; Howe K, 2023, 'On-the-job training supports for people with intellectual disability employed in aged care', Journal of Intellectual and Developmental Disability,

Lancaster K; Gendera S; Treloar C; Rhodes T; Shahbazi J; Byrne M; Degenhardt L; Farrell M, 2023, 'The Social, Material, and Temporal Effects of Monthly Extended-Release Buprenorphine Depot Treatment for Opioid Dependence: An Australian Qualitative Study', Contemporary Drug Problems, 50, pp. 105 - 120,

Fraser-Barbour E; Robinson S; Gendera S; Burton-Clark I; Fisher KR; Alexander J; Howe K, 2023, 'Shifting power to people with disability in co-designed research', Disability and Society, ahead-of-print, pp. 1 - 22,

Fisher K; Gendera S; Kayess R, 2022, 'Reaching people who are marginalized in major disability policy reform', Global Social Policy, 23, pp. 109 - 126,

Treloar C; Lancaster K; Gendera S; Rhodes T; Shahbazi J; Byrne M; Degenhardt L; Farrell M, 2022, 'Can a new formulation of opiate agonist treatment alter stigma?: Place, time and things in the experience of extended-release buprenorphine depot', International Journal of Drug Policy, 107, pp. 103788,

Gendera S; Treloar C; Reilly R; Conigrave KM; Butt J; Roe Y; Ward J, 2022, '‘Even though you hate everything that’s going on, you know they are safer at home’: The role of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families in methamphetamine use harm reduction and their own support needs', Drug and Alcohol Review, 41, pp. 1 - 12,

Gendera S; Valentine K; Breckenridge J, 2021, 'The significance of technology as both a resource in enhancing safety, and a means of perpetrating violence: the implications for policy and practice', Journal of Gender-Based Violence, 5, pp. 413 - 429,

Reilly R; Gendera S; Treloar C; Roe Y; Conigrave K; Azzopardi P; Ward J, 2020, 'Identifying risk and protective factors, including culture and identity, for methamphetamine use in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities: Relevance of the ‘communities that care’ model', Social Science and Medicine, 266,

Fisher K; Gendera S; Robinson S; Graham A; Johnson K; Neale K, 2018, 'Disability and support relationships: What role does policy play?', Australian Journal of Public Administration, 78, pp. 37 - 55,

Fraser S; Treloar C; Gendera S; Rance J, 2017, '‘Affording’ new approaches to couples who inject drugs: A novel fitpack design for hepatitis C prevention', International Journal of Drug Policy, 50, pp. 19 - 35,

Robinson S; Fisher KR; Gendera S, 2016, 'Can case management squeeze hope from small self-directed support packages?', Asian Social Work and Policy Review, 10, pp. 268 - 279,

Fisher KR; Lutz D; Gadow F; Robinson S; Gendera S, 2015, 'A transformative framework for deinstitutionalisation', Research and Practice in Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, 2, pp. 60 - 72,

Gendera S; Haidinger B, 2007, '"Ich kann in Österreich als Putzfrau arbeiten. Vielen Dank, ja." Bedingungen der bezahlten Haushalts- und Pflegearbeit von Migrantinnen.', Grundrisse. Zeitschrift fuer Linke Theorie und Debatte,

Gendera S, 2006, '"Pflegen zu Hause, das ist eine Art von Sklaverei". Herausforderungen bei der Regulierung des informellen Pflegedienstleistungsmarktes [translation: "Providing home-based 24/7 personal care, it's a type of bondage.“ Challenges for policy makers in regulating the informal migrant care work]', Frauensolidaritaet [Women's Solidarity], 2006,

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