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Botigué LR; Song S; Scheu A; Gopalan S; Pendleton AL; Oetjens M; Taravella AM; Seregély T; Zeeb-Lanz A; Arbogast R-M; Bobo D; Daly K; Unterländer M; Burger J; Kidd JM; Veeramah KR, 2016, Ancient European dog genomes reveal continuity since the Early Neolithic, ,

Bos S; Pendleton A; Toms S, Earnings Management in the UK: The Nonlinear Relationship Between Managerial Share Ownership and Discretionary Accruals, ,

Pendleton A; Robinson AM, Employee Ownership in Britain Today. Interim Findings From the 2014-15 Employee Ownership Survey, ,

Bos S; Pendleton A; Toms S, Governance Thresholds, Managerial Ownership and Corporate Performance: Evidence from the UK, ,

Pendleton A; Bryson A; Gospel H, Ownership and Pay in Britain, ,

Pendleton A, Ownership, Financialisation, and Employment Relations: Employment, Industrial Relations, and HRM in Stock-Market Listed Firms, ,

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