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McDonough L; Treble P; Baker A; Borsato A; Frisia S; Campbell M; Nagra G; Coleborn K; Gagan M; Zhao J-X; Paterson D, 2023, An annually resolved stalagmite record of fire frequency for the last 250 years in south west Australia, ,

Treble P; Baker A; Priestley S; Griffiths A, 2023, Embracing the karst hydrological control on speleothem oxygen isotope variability, ,

Treble P; Micheline C; Baker A; Liza M; Nevena K, 2023, Hydrological conceptual model for reconstructing fire history from cave stalagmites, ,

Campbell M; McDonough L; Treble P; Baker A; Kosarac N; Coleborn K; Wynn P; Schmitt A, 2023, Speleothems as archives for palaeofire proxies, ,

Baker A, 2022, Andy Baker, nominated in 2021 for sustained excellence in water and climate science, especially the use of chemical tracers including applications to speleothem palaeoclimatology, ,

Kaushal N; Lechleitner FA; Tanos P; Hatvani IG; Kern Z; Wilhelm M; Burstyn Y; Baker A, 2022, SISAL speleothem database updates - link to modern monitoring data, additional proxies and increased accessibility, ,

Baker A; Berthelin R; Hartmann A; Treble P, 2022, Climatic, hydrological and karst geological controls on groundwater recharge: the view from an Australian vadose zone cave observatory, ,

Martin AN; Meredith K; Baker A; Norman MD; Bryan E, 2020, Supplementary material to "The evolution of stable silicon isotopes in a coastal carbonate aquifer, Rottnest Island, Western Australia", Copernicus GmbH, ,

Comas-Bru L; Rehfeld K; Roesch C; Amirnezhad-Mozhdehi S; Harrison SP; Atsawawaranunt K; Ahmad SM; Ait Brahim Y; Baker A; Bosomworth M; Breitenbach SFM; Burstyn Y; Columbu A; Deininger M; Demény A; Dixon B; Fohlmeister J; Hatvani IG; Hu J; Kaushal N; Kern Z; Labuhn I; Lechleitner FA; Lorrey A; Martrat B; Novello VF; Oster J; Pérez-Mejías C; Scholz D; Scroxton N; Sinha N; Ward BM; Warken S; Zhang H, 2020, Supplementary material to "SISALv2: A comprehensive speleothem isotope database with multiple age-depth models", Copernicus GmbH, ,

Atsawawaranunt K; Comas-Bru L; Amirnezhad Mozhdehi S; Deininger M; Harrison SP; Baker A; Boyd M; Kaushal N; Ahmad SM; Ait Brahim Y; Arienzo M; Bajo P; Braun K; Burstyn Y; Chawchai S; Duan W; Hatvani IG; Hu J; Kern Z; Labuhn I; Lachniet M; Lechleiter FA; Lorrey A; Pérez-Mejías C; Pickering R; Scroxton N, 2018, Supplementary material to "The SISAL database: a global resource to document oxygen and carbon isotope records from speleothems", Copernicus GmbH, ,

, 2017, Comments on PARAFAC and fluorescence from Andy Baker, UNSW Sydney, Copernicus GmbH, ,

Treble PC; Baker A; Ayliffe LK; Cohen TC; Hellstrom JC; Gagan MK; Frisia S; Drysdale RN; Griffiths AD; Borsato A, 2016, Supplementary material to "Hydroclimate of the Last Glacial Maximum and deglaciation in southern Australia’s arid margin interpreted from speleothem records (23–15 ka)", Copernicus GmbH, ,

Tadros CV; Treble PC; Baker A; Fairchild I; Hankin S; Roach R; Markowska M; McDonald J, 2016, Supplementary material to "ENSO – cave dripwater hydrochemical relationship: a 7-year dataset from SE Australia", Copernicus GmbH, ,

Coleborn K; Rau GC; Cuthbert MO; Baker A; Navarre O, 2016, Supplementary material to "Solar forced diurnal regulation of cave drip rates via phreatophyte evapotranspiration", Copernicus GmbH, ,

Nagra G; Treble PC; Andersen MS; Fairchild IJ; Coleborn K; Baker A, 2016, Supplementary material to "A post-wildfire response in cave dripwater chemistry", Copernicus GmbH, ,

Rau GC; Baker A; Cuthbert MO; Andersen MS, 2015, Delving deep into caves can teach us about climate past and present, The Conversation, ,

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