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2017, Comments on PARAFAC and fluorescence from Andy Baker, UNSW Sydney, Copernicus GmbH,

Rau GC; Baker A; Cuthbert MO; Andersen MS, 2015, Delving deep into caves can teach us about climate past and present, The Conversation,

Baker A, Andy Baker, nominated in 2021 for sustained excellence in water and climate science, especially the use of chemical tracers including applications to speleothem palaeoclimatology,

Baker A; Berthelin R; Hartmann A; Treble P, Climatic, hydrological and karst geological controls on groundwater recharge: the view from an Australian vadose zone cave observatory,

Kaushal N; Lechleitner FA; Tanos P; Hatvani IG; Kern Z; Wilhelm M; Burstyn Y; Baker A, SISAL speleothem database updates - link to modern monitoring data, additional proxies and increased accessibility,

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