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Asrat A; Baker A; Duan W; Leng M; Boomer I; Akter R; Mariéthoz G; Adler L; Jex C; Yadeta M; Wang L, 2021, Stalagmite evidence for Early Holocene multidecadal hydroclimate variability in Ethiopia, California Digital Library (CDL), http://dx.doi.org10.31223/x5sw5d,

Berthelin R; Rinderer M; Andreo B; Baker A; Kilian D; Leonhardt G; Lotz A; Lichtenwoehrer K; Mudarra M; Padilla IY; Pantoja Agreda F; Rosolem R; Vale A; Hartmann A, 2019, A soil moisture monitoring network to characterize karstic recharge and evapotranspiration at five representative sites across the globe, Copernicus GmbH, http://dx.doi.org10.5194/gi-2019-22,

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