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Priestley S; Treble P; Griffiths A; Baker A; Abram N; Meredith K, Caves provide early warning of unprecedented decrease in rainfall recharge of groundwater,

Bieroza MZ; Bridgeman J; Baker A, Fluorescence spectroscopy as a tool for determination of organic matter removal efficiency at water treatment works,

Fuller L; Baker A; Fairchild IJ; Spötl C; Marca-Bell A; Rowe P; Dennis PF, Isotope hydrology of dripwaters in a Scottish cave and implications for stalagmite palaeoclimate research,

McDonough L; Treble P; Baker A; Borsato A; Frisia S; Nagra G; Coleborn K; Gagan M; Fakra S; PATERSON D, Past fires and post-fire impacts reconstructed from a southwest Australian stalagmite,

Treble P; Baker A; Hellstrom J; Abram N; Crawford J; Gagan M; Borsato A; Griffiths A; Bajo P; Markowska M; Priestley S; Hankin S; PATERSON D, Quantification of the hydrological control on speleothem oxygen isotopic variability,

Campbell M; McDonough L; Treble P; Baker A; Kosarac N; Coleborn K; Wynn PM; Schmitt A, Speleothems as Archives for Palaeofire Proxies,

Oriani F; Treble P; Baker A; Mariéthoz G, WlCount: Geological lamination detection and counting using an image analysis approach,

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