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Liang C; Fang L; Li B; Wang J; Shan L, 2018, Co-production as social construction in Haicang, Xiamen City, China (共同缔造与海沧社会建设), Social Sciences Academic Press (China) (社会科学文献出版社), Beijing

Book Chapters

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Journal articles

Li B; Fisher KR; Quan Farrant F; Cheng Z, 2021, 'Digital policy to disability employment? An ecosystem perspective on China and Australia', Social Policy and Administration: an international journal of policy and research,

Xu Y; Li B; Huang X, 2021, 'Outsiders in urban centric growth: dual social exclusion of migrant tenant farmers in China', Third World Quarterly

Fang Q; Fisher KR; Li B, 2020, 'Follower or Challenger? How Chinese Non-governmental Organizations Manage Accountability Requirements from Funders', Voluntas, vol. 31, pp. 722 - 735,

Si Y; Hu H; Li B, 2020, 'Decomposing Inequality in Long-Term Care Need Among Older Adults with Chronic Diseases in China: A Life Course Perspective', International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health

Peng H; Qi L; Hua G; Li B; Hu B, 2020, 'Child Population, Economic Development and Regional Inequality of Education Resources in China', Children and Youth Services Review,

Li G; Li B, 2020, 'Local Bargaining in Policy Pilots in China— The Case of Rural Land Marketisation in Deqing, Zhejiang', The Singapore Economic Review

Shen Y; Li B, 2020, 'Policy coordination in the talent war to achieve economic upgrading: the case of four Chinese cities', Policy Studies,

Li B; Shen Y, 2020, 'Publication or Pregnancy? Employment Contracts and Childbearing of Women Academics in China', Studies in Higher Education,

Xu J; Shi G; Li B; Fischer TB; Zhang R; Yan D; Jiang J; Yang Q; Sun Z, 2020, 'Skills Sets and Shared Benefits: Perceptions of Resettled People from The Yangtze-Huai River Diversion Project in China', Impact Assessment and Project Appraisal,

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