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Chen S; Si Y; Hanewald K; Li B; Bateman H; Dai X; Wu C; Tang S, Age-Related Disease Burdens, Disparities, and Health Resource Allocation: A Longitudinal Data Analysis of 31 Provinces in Mainland China,

Si Y; Hanewald K; Chen S; Li B; Bateman H; Beard J, Life-course Inequalities in Intrinsic Capacity among Chinese Older Adults,

Si Y; Bateman H; Chen S; Hanewald K; Li B; Su M; Zhou Z, Quantifying the Financial Impact of Overuse in Primary Care in China,

Ye P; Er Y; Wang H; Fang L; Li B; Ivers R; Keay L; Duan L; Tian M, The Burden of Falls of People Aged 60-Year-Old and Above in Mainland China, 1990-2019: Findings from the Global Burden of Disease Study 2019,

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