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Bates S; Kayess R; Giuntoli G; Rengel-Gonçalves A; Li B; Fisher K; Goldin D; Ramirez B; Katz I, 2023, Towards best-practice access to services for culturally and linguistically diverse people with a disability, Disability Royal Commission,

Li Y; Huang Y; Zhang W; Katz I; Li B, 2022, Sustaining Old Age Volunteerism Among CALD Population — The CASS Community Volunteer Model,

Slewa-Younan S; Krstanoska-Blazeska K; Renzaho A; Blignault I; Li B; Reavley N; Li B, 2022, Understanding mental health and stigma in Congolese, Arabic-speaking and Mandarin-speaking communities, West Sydney University, Sydney Australia,

Giuntoli G; Rengel-Gonçalves A; Smyth C; Bates S; Fisher K; Li B; Ramirez B; Golding D; Kayess R; Katz I, 2022, Towards best-practice access to services for culturally and linguistically diverse people with a disability. Desktop review, Social Policy Research Centre

Fang Q; Fisher K; Poon A; Duong J; Lee J; Li B, 2022, Australian Chinese Disability Peer Support Groups in Sydney, Social Policy Research Centre, UNSW Sydney,

Nordensvärd J; Rotolo M; Sommar C-J; Li Y; Turcu C; Li B; Byun Y-H; Qian J; Flores Soler M; Trebbien N, 2022, Technological and social adaptation to COVID-19 : Food for Vulnerable Urban Groups in Six Global Cities, Linköping University Electronic Press, Linköping, 2022:1,,

Li B; Shang X; Cui Y; Blaxland M, 2020, Migration, urbanisation, climate change and children in China—issues from child rights perspective, UNSW Social Policy Research Centre, Sydney,

Satterthwaite D; The Asian Coalition for Housing Rights ; Gardner D; Toutain O; Li B; Eduardo R; Ferreira JSW; Maria Sisternas T; Diaz-Bone. L, 2019, Rethinking Housing Policies Harnessing local innovation to address the global housing crisis, UCLG, Spain,

Yu H; Fisher K; Li B; Goggin G, 2018, Innovation and IT in China's social development agenda, Innovation and IT in China‘s social development agenda, MERICS, Germany,

Gong S; Li B; Shen Q, 2016, Mapping Alignment of the 13th FYP (2016-2020) with the SDGs (2016-2030),

Li B; Zhang Y; Chen W, 2015, Intersectoral Action — the Case of Creating Hygienic City Campaign in Jinchang City, Gansu Province, China, WHO, Kobe

Gong S; Li B, 2013, Inequality in China: a case study, Save the Children, Beijing,

Li B; An X, 2009, Migration and small towns in China—Power hierarchy and resource allocation, IIED, London, UK, 10575IIED,

Li B, 2009, State-funded training of Dibao recipients: information and subject well-being, and informal employment in China—a case study of Tianjin, UNESAP, ST/ESCAP/2570,

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