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Li B; Li Y; Huang Y, 2022, Chinese Elders Are Treasures to Society- Research on Supporting Volunteering Confirms the Benefit of Old Age Volunteerism, ,

Li B, 2022, China clings to COVID-19 zero, ANU, ,

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Li B, 2020, Difficulties faced by Chinese Studdents in Australia, ,

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Youqing F; Li B; Lee CL, 2019, Affordable housing lessons from Sydney, Hong Kong and Singapore: 3 keys to getting the policy mix right, The Conversation, ,

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Li B, 2019, Digital technology, poverty reduction and education, ,

Li B, 2019, Can digital technology solve the trust issue in urbanising China?, Asia Research Institute, University of Nottingham, ,

Li B, 2019, Diagnosing society's needs, Times Higher Education, ,

Li B, 2019, UNSW Social Policy Research Centre Associate Professor explains China's social credit system 'debt map', ,

Li B; Bo H; Tao L, 2018, Running cities with multi-million migrants?, Policy Forum, ,

Li B, 2018, Associate Professor Bingqin Li from UNSW let us know why Hukou, i.e. China's Household Registration System has come up in the first place., SBS, Australia, ,

Li B; Varrall M, 2018, China Ages, ABC, ,

Li B, 2017, The eviction of Daxing Tensions and trouble in burgeoning Beijing, ,

Li B, 2017, China going nowhere on hukou reform, ANU Press, ,

Li B, 2017, China’s hukou reform a small step in the right direction, ANU Press, ,

Li B, 2016, How to avoid radicalisation of the children of migrants (如何避免移民后代的极端化?), Read01(壹读), Beijing, ,

Hu B; Luo J; Chen C; Li B, 2016, Evaluating China’s low-carbon cities, ANU Press, ,

Li B, 2015, China’s hukou reform a small step in the right direction, ANU Press, ,

Li B, 2014, The non-governmental organisation: China's new era of local service delivery and grassroots democracy., Asia & the Pacific Policy Society, ,

Li B, 2013, China's cities focused on GDP growth not climate change adaptation, ,

Li B, 2011, Building healthy cities: the experience and challenges faced by China, LSE Cities, London, ,

Duda M; Li B, 2008, Housing inequality in Chinese cities: how important is hukou?, Lincoln's Institute of Land Policy, ,

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