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Dullur P; Joseph J; Diaz AM; Lin P-I; Jairam R; Davies R; Masi A; Shulruf B; Eapen V, 2022, Screening for Media Use in the Emergency Department Among Young Australians: Cross-sectional Study (Preprint), ,

Tsao Y-P; Yeh W-Y; Hsu T-F; Chow L-H; Chen W-C; Yang Y-Y; Shulruf B; Chen C-H; Cheng H-M, 2022, Implementing a Flipped Classroom Model in an Evidence-Based Medicine Curriculum for Pre-Clinical Medical Students: Evaluating Learning Effectiveness Through Prospective Propensity Score-Matched Cohorts, ,

Torda A; Shulruf B, 2021, It’s what you do, Not the way that you do it – Online Versus Face to Face Small Group Teaching in First Year Medicine., ,

Wu J-W; Cheng H-M; Huang S-S; Liang J-F; Huang C-C; Yang L-Y; Shulruf B; Yang Y-Y; Chen C-H; Hou M-C; Sheu WH-H, 2021, Comparison of OSCE Performance Between 6- and 7-Year Medical School Curricula in Taiwan, ,

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