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Fogwill CJ;Turney CS M;Golledge NR;Etheridge DM;Rubino M;Thornton DP;Baker A;Woodward J;Winter K;Van Ommen TD;Moy AD;Curran MA J;Davies SM;Weber ME;Bird MI;Munksgaard NC;Menviel L;Rootes CM;Ellis B;Millman H;Vohra J;Rivera A;Cooper A, 2017, 'Antarctic ice sheet discharge driven by atmosphere-ocean feedbacks at the Last Glacial Termination', in Scientific Reports,

Hogg AG;Keith Fifield L;Palmer JG;Turney CS M;Galbraith R, 2007, 'Robust radiocarbon dating of wood samples by high-sensitivity liquid scintillation spectroscopy in the 50-70 kyr age range', in Radiocarbon, pp. 379 - 391

Hulme M;Barrow EM;Brown O;Conway D;Jiang T;Jones PD;Turney C, 1995, 'Climate change scenarios for Great Britain and Europe', in Studies in Environmental Science, pp. 397 - 400,

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