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Scussolini P; Bakker P; De Luca P; Coumou D; Bosmans J; Lohmann G; Thomas Z; Turney C; Menviel L; Obase T; Abe-Ouchi A; Braconnot P; Otto-Bliesner B; Yin Q; Prange M; Tzedakis C; Capron E; Renssen H; Ward P; Aerts J, 2021, 'Global temperature and hydroclimate in warmer climates of the past and future: the Last Interglacial versus greenhouse scenarios',

Weber ME; Golledge NR; Fogwill CJ; Turney CSM; Thomas ZA, 2021, 'Decadal-scale onset and termination of Antarctic ice-mass loss during the last deglaciation',

Turney C; Fogwill C; Golledge N, 2020, 'Early Last Interglacial ocean warming drove substantial ice mass loss from Antarctica', presented at EGU General Assembly,

Thomas Z; Turney C; Kershaw AP; Jones R; Croudace I; Moss P; Herbert T; Grosvenor M; Wust R; Muller J; Kylander M; Rule S; Lewis S; Coulter S; Mudelsee M, 2020, 'Robust expression of ENSO throughout the Last Interglacial', presented at EGU General Assembly,

Cooper A; Turney C, 2020, 'The Adams Event, a geomagnetic-driven environmental crisis 42,000 years ago', presented at EGU General Assembly,

Harris M; Fogwill C; Power A; Turney C; Love J; Cage A; Law A, 2020, 'Visual and fluorescence characterisation of particulate aerosols in ice cores with imaging flow cytometry', presented at EGU General Assembly,

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