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Khan TM; Naqvi SS; Robles-Kelly A; Meijering E, 2023, 'Neural Network Compression by Joint Sparsity Promotion and Redundancy Reduction', in , pp. 612 - 623,

Zhu J; Bolsterlee B; Chow BVY; Song Y; Meijering E, 2023, 'Uncertainty and Shape-Aware Continual Test-Time Adaptation for Cross-Domain Segmentation of Medical Images', in , pp. 659 - 669,

Meijering E; Smal I; Dzyubachyk O; Olivo-Marin JC, 2022, 'Motion Tracking and Analysis', in Microscope Image Processing, Second Edition, pp. 393 - 430,

Wei W; Haidinger S; Lock J; Meijering E, 2021, 'Deep Representation Learning for Image-Based Cell Profiling', in Machine Learning in Medical Imaging, pp. 487 - 497,

Hu Y; Meijering E; Xia Y; Song Y, 2021, 'Deformable Convolution and Semi-supervised Learning in Point Clouds for Aneurysm Classification and Segmentation', in Neural Information Processing, pp. 283 - 290,

Yao Y; Smal I; Grigoriev I; Martin M; Akhmanova A; Meijering E, 2017, 'Automated analysis of intracellular dynamic processes', in Methods in Molecular Biology, pp. 209 - 228,

Meijering E; Dzyubachyk O; Smal I, 2012, 'Methods for cell and particle tracking', in Methods in Enzymology, pp. 183 - 200,

Meijering E; Smal I; Dzyubachyk O; Olivo-Marin JC, 2008, 'Time-Lapse Imaging', in Microscope Image Processing, pp. 401 - 440,

Meijering E; Smal I; Dzyubachyk O; Olivo‐Marin J, 2008, 'Chapter 15 Time‐Lapse Imaging', in Microscope Image Processing, Elsevier, pp. 401 - 440,

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