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Khan TM; Arsalan M; Iqbal S; Razzak I; Meijering E, 2023, Feature Enhancer Segmentation Network (FES-Net) for Vessel Segmentation, ,

Rahaman MM; Millar EKA; Meijering E, 2023, Breast cancer histopathology image-based gene expression prediction using spatial transcriptomics data and deep learning, ,

Mondol RK; Millar EKA; Graham PH; Browne L; Sowmya A; Meijering E, 2023, hist2RNA: An efficient deep learning architecture to predict gene expression from breast cancer histopathology images, ,

Zhu J; Bolsterlee B; Chow BVY; Song Y; Meijering E, 2023, Hybrid Dual Mean-Teacher Network With Double-Uncertainty Guidance for Semi-Supervised Segmentation of MRI Scans, ,

Aviyente S; Frangi A; Meijering E; Muñoz-Barrutia A; Liebling M; Van De Ville D; Olivo-Marin J-C; Kovačević J; Unser M, 2022, From Nano to Macro: Overview of the IEEE Bio Image and Signal Processing Technical Committee, ,

Khan TM; Arsalan M; Robles-Kelly A; Meijering E, 2022, MKIS-Net: A Light-Weight Multi-Kernel Network for Medical Image Segmentation, ,

Khan TM; Naqvi SS; Robles-Kelly A; Meijering E, 2022, Neural Network Compression by Joint Sparsity Promotion and Redundancy Reduction, ,

Rana P; Sowmya A; Meijering E; Song Y, 2022, Imbalanced classification for protein subcellular localisation with multilabel oversampling, ,

Rana P; Sowmya A; Meijering E; Song Y, 2022, Data augmentation for imbalanced blood cell image classification, ,

Khan TM; Naqvi SS; Meijering E, 2022, Leveraging Image Complexity in Macro-Level Neural Network Design for Medical Image Segmentation, ,

Rana P; Sowmya A; Meijering E; Song Y, 2022, Data augmentation for imbalanced blood cell image classification, ,

Manubens-Gil L; Zhou Z; Chen H; Ramanathan A; Liu X; Liu Y; Bria A; Gillette T; Ruan Z; Yang J; Radojević M; Zhao T; Cheng L; Qu L; Liu S; Bouchard KE; Gu L; Cai W; Ji S; Roysam B; Wang C-W; Yu H; Sironi A; Iascone DM; Zhou J; Bas E; Conde-Sousa E; Aguiar P; Li X; Li Y; Nanda S; Wang Y; Muresan L; Fua P; Ye B; He H-Y; Staiger JF; Peter M; Cox DN; Simonneau M; Oberlaender M; Jefferis G; Ito K; Gonzalez-Bellido P; Kim J; Rubel E; Cline HT; Zeng H; Nern A; Chiang A-S; Yao J; Roskams J; Livesey R; Stevens J; Liu T; Dang C; Guo Y; Zhong N; Tourassi G; Hill S; Hawrylycz M; Koch C; Meijering E; Ascoli GA; Peng H, 2022, BigNeuron: A resource to benchmark and predict best-performing algorithms for automated reconstruction of neuronal morphology, ,

Serra-Marques A; Martin M; Katrukha EA; Grigoriev I; Peeters CAE; Liu Q; Hooikaas PJ; Yao Y; Solianova V; Smal I; Pedersen LB; Meijering E; Kapitein LC; Akhmanova A, 2020, Concerted action of kinesins KIF5B and KIF13B promotes efficient secretory vesicle transport to microtubule plus ends, ,

Kuil LE; Oosterhof N; Geurts SN; der Linde HCV; Meijering E; van Ham TJ, 2018, Reverse genetic screen reveals that Il34 facilitates yolk sac macrophage distribution and seeding of the brain, ,

Peng H; Zhou Z; Meijering E; Zhao T; Ascoli GA; Hawrylycz M, 2016, Automatic Tracing of Ultra-Volume of Neuronal Images, ,

Demirel Ö; Smal I; Niessen WJ; Meijering E; Sbalzarini IF, 2013, Piecewise Constant Sequential Importance Sampling for Fast Particle Filtering, ,

Demirel Ö; Smal I; Niessen W; Meijering E; Sbalzarini IF, 2013, PPF - A Parallel Particle Filtering Library, ,

Demirel Ö; Smal I; Niessen W; Meijering E; Sbalzarini IF, 2013, Adaptive Distributed Resampling Algorithm with Non-Proportional Allocation, ,

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