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Martinez olivares C; Huang Y; Halliday GM, 2011, 'Genetic influence of MAPT on the pathology of Parkinson's disease', online, pp. 122 - 122, presented at Australian Neuroscience Society 31st Annual Meeting, Auckland, 31 January 2011 - 03 February 2011

Schofield EC; Cordato N; Macdonald V; Kril J; Halliday GM, 2005, 'Does cellular pathology predict atrophy in progressive supranuclear palsy? A study of the caudate nucleus', Vol. 238, pp. S329 - S329

Huang Y; Rowe DB; Cook N; Halliday GM, 2005, 'Genetic variation in IL-10 influences the progression of Parkinson`s disease', Vol. 238, pp. S355 - S355

Orr CF; Rowe DB; Morel-Kopp M; Ward C; Russell T; Ranola M; Halliday GM, 2005, 'Humoral immunity to oxidised alpha-synuclein in Parkinson`s disease', Vol. 238, pp. S367 - S367

Cook N; Huang Y; Gartner C; Mellick GD; Mastaglia F; Garlepp M; Silburn PA; Rowe DP; Halliday GM, 2005, 'Inflammation-related genes affect age at onset of Parkinson`s disease', Vol. 238, pp. S355 - S355

Stevens J; Sutherland GT; Lee LC; Double KL; Rowe DB; Halliday GM, 2005, 'Lack of association between a Functional Polymorphism in the Tyrosine Hydroxylase Gene and Parkinson`s disease', Vol. 238, pp. S158 - S158

Kipps CM; Davies RI; Mitchell J; Krill J; Halliday GM; Hodges JR, 2005, 'Lobar atrophy and progression in frontotemporal dementia: identification of a benign behavioural variant', Vol. 238, pp. S282 - S282

Song YE; Halliday GM; Creasey H; Morris J; Brooks WS; Kril J, 2005, 'Neuropathology in the S305S Tau gene mutation', Vol. 238, pp. S302 - S302

Rahimi F; Goyette JD; Shepherd CE; Halliday GM; Geczy C; Raftery M, 2005, 'S100A9, an inflammation-associated calcium-binding protein, is a binding partner for various redox-regulating proteins in familial Alzheimer's disease', Vol. 238, pp. S298 - S298

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