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Naaldijk Y; Fernández B; Fasiczka R; Fdez E; Leghay C; Croitoru I; Kwok JB; Boulesnane Y; Vizeneux A; Mutez E; Calvez C; Destée A; Taymans JM; Aragon AV; Yarza AB; Padmanabhan S; Delgado M; Alcalay RN; Chatterton Z; Dzamko N; Halliday G; Ruiz-Martínez J; Chartier-Harlin MC; Hilfiker S, 2024, 'A potential patient stratification biomarker for Parkinson´s disease based on LRRK2 kinase-mediated centrosomal alterations in peripheral blood-derived cells', npj Parkinson's Disease, 10,

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