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Sharma A; Kim Y; Evans J, 2024, A dynamical alternative for simulating multi-scale high-resolution sub-daily space-time precipitation for future climates, ,

Wasko C; Westra S; Nathan R; Pepler A; Raupach T; Dowdy A; Johnson F; Ho M; McInnes K; Jakob D; Evans J; Villarini G; Fowler H, 2023, Supplementary material to "A systematic review of climate change science relevant to Australian design flood estimation", ,

Kim Y; Evans J; Sharma A, 2022, Impact of bias-corrected RCM lateral boundary conditions on precipitation extremes, ,

Clarke H; Pitman AJ; Kala J; Carouge C; Haverd V; Evans JP, 2016, Erratum to: An investigation of future fuel load and fire weather in Australia (Climatic Change, 10.1007/s10584-016-1808-9), ,

Ajami H; sharma A; Band LE; Evans JP; Tuteja NK; Amirthanathan GE; Bari MA, 2016, Supplementary material to "On the non-stationarity of hydrological response in anthropogenically unaffected catchments: An Australian perspective", Copernicus GmbH, ,

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