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Di Virgilio G; Ji F; Tam E; Evans J; Kala J; Andrys J; Thomas C; Choudhury D; Rocha C; Li Y; Riley M, 2024, Evaluation of CORDEX ERA5-forced ‘NARCliM2.0’ regional climate models over Australia using the Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) model version 4.1.2, ,

Liu YL; Alexander LV; Evans JP; Thatcher MJ, 2024, Sensitivity of Australian rainfall to driving SST datasets in a variable-resolution global atmospheric model, ,

Devanand A; Falster G; Gillett Z; Hobeichi S; Holgate C; Jin C; Mu M; Parker T; Rifai S; Rome K; Stojanovic M; Vogel E; Abram N; Abramowitz G; Coats S; Evans J; Gallant A; Pitman A; Power S; Rauniyar S; Taschetto A; Ukkola A, 2023, Australia’s Tinderbox Drought: an extreme natural event likely worsened by human-caused climate change, ,

Wasko C; Westra S; Nathan R; Pepler A; Raupach T; Dowdy A; Johnson F; Ho M; McInnes K; Jakob D; Evans J; Villarini G; Fowler H, 2023, A systematic review of climate change science relevant to Australian design flood estimation, ,

Kim Y; Evans JP; Sharma A, 2023, Can sub-daily multivariate bias correction of regional climate model boundary conditions improve simulation of the diurnal precipitation cycle?, ,

Rafei ME; Sherwood S; Evans JP; Dowdy AJ; Ji F, 2023, Biases in estimating long-term recurrence intervals of extreme events due to regionalised sampling, ,

Rafei ME; Sherwood S; Evans J; Dowdy A, 2022, Analysis and characterisation of extreme wind gust hazards in New South Wales, Australia, ,

Ayat H; Evans JP; Sherwood SC; Soderholm J, 2021, A Radar Object-Based Examination of Rain System Climatology and Including Climate Variability, ,

Hobeichi S; Abramowitz G; Evans J, 2020, Robust historical evapotranspiration trends across climate regimes, ,

Kulinich M; Fan Y; Penev S; Evans JP, 2020, A Markov chain method for weighting climate model ensembles, ,

Fowler HJ; Li Y; Argüeso D; Blenkinsop S; Evans JP; Lenderink G; Yan X; Guerreiro SDB; Lewis E; Li X, 2020, Strong intensification of hourly rainfall extremes by urbanization, ,

Olson R; An S-I; Fan Y; Evans JP, 2018, Accounting for Skill in Trend, Variability, and Autocorrelation Facilitates Better Multi-Model Projections: Application to the AMOC and Temperature Time Series, ,

Simpson CC; Sharples JJ; Evans JP, 2014, Resolving vorticity-driven lateral fire spread using the WRF-Fire coupled atmosphere-fire numerical model, ,

Liu YY; Parinussa RM; Dorigo WA; de Jeu RAM; Wagner W; van Dijk AIJM; McCabe MF; Evans JP, 2010, Developing an improved soil moisture dataset by blending passive and active microwave satellite-based retrievals, ,

Liu YY; McCabe MF; Evans JP; van Dijk AIJM; de Jeu RAM; Su H, 2010, Influence of cracking clays on satellite observed and model simulated soil moisture, ,

Devanand A; Evans JP; Abramowitz G; Hobeichi S; Pitman AJ, ­­­What is the Probability that a Drought Will Break in Australia?, ,

Grose M; Narsey S; Trancoso R; Mackallah C; Delage F; Dowdy A; Di Virgilio G; Watterson I; Dobrohotoff P; Rashid HA; Rauniyar S; Henley B; Thatcher M; Syktus J; Abramowitz G; Evans JP; Su C-H; Takbash A, A Cmip6-Based Multi-Model Downscaling Ensemble to Underpin Climate Change Services in Australia, ,

Ji F; Nishant N; Evans JP; Di Virgilio G; Cheung KKW; Tam E; Beyer K; Riley ML, Introducing Narclim1.5: Evaluation and Projection of Climate Extremes for Southeast Australia, ,

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