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Nolan J; Boersma M, 2020, The real economic victims of corona virus are those we can’t see,

Nolan J, 2019, Woolworths shortchanging workers ABC 7.30,

Nolan J; Boersma M, 2019, What does modern slavery mean for your business?,

Nolan J; Boersma M, 2019, Radio National Life Matters 'Are you supporting modern slavery?',

Nolan J, 2019, Australia not immune from people trafficking tragedies: Justine Nolan,

Nolan J, 2019, Corporate risk analysis downplays slave labour in supply chains. Featured: Justine Nolan, Associate Professor and Associate Dean (Academic), Faculty of Law, University of New South Wales,

Nolan J; Boersma M, 2019, The long and winding road to respecting workers' rights in global supply chains,

Nolan J; Berg L; Boersma M, 2019, Message to Coles, Woolworths: Act now to end modern slavery,

Nolan J; Boersma M, 2019, Interview with Myf Warhurst ABC Radio on modern slavery.,

Nolan J; Boersma M, 2019, Blockchain can help break the chains of modern slavery, but it is not a complete solution,

Nolan J; McGaughey F, 2018, Modern Slavery Bill a step in the right direction – now businesses must comply,

Nolan J, 2018, Justine Nolan on Modern Slavery,

Nolan J, 2018, Focus - I found out I have 63 slaves working for me,

Nolan J, 2014, Business as usual not an option,

Nolan J, 2012, Companies shouldn't be able to hand-pass footballs made by children,

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