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Nolan J, 2014, Book review of The Politics of Global Supply Chains, Lexis Nexis

Nolan J; Farbenblum B, 2014, Is the World Cup Worth Dying For?

Nolan J, 2013, Book review of The Promise and LImits of Private Power

Nolan J, 2012, Book review of Half the Sky: How to Change the World

Nolan J, 2012, Book review of Regulating Corporate Human Rights Violations: Humanizing Business

Nolan J, 2009, Book review of Human Rights and Corporations

Nolan J; Posner M, 2008, A new frontier in human rights protection: human rights, NGOs and business

Nolan J, 2008, Book review Human rights at the UN: The political history of universal justice, Taylor & Francis

Nolan J, 2008, Book review of Roger Normand and Sarah Zaidi Human Rights at the United Nations: The Political History of Universal Justice

Nolan J, 2008, Book reviewof Jennifer A. Zerk, Multinationals and Corporate Social Responsibility, Limitations and Opportunities in International Law, Wiley: No OnlineOpen

Nolan J, 2006, Materiality and the Australian Policy Landscape, AccountAbility

Rice (ed.), 2004, Book Review of Retreat from Justice, UNSW Faculty of Law

Nolan J, 2004, Human Rights, the Environment and Business

Nolan J, 2004, New Mechanism To Hold Corporations Accountable for Human Rights Abuses, Australian Human Rights Centre

nolan J, 2004, New Mechanism to hold corporations accountable for human rights'

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