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Holden RT, 2017, 'A Process for Non-Partisan Redistricting', in Tabor J (ed.), An Illinois Constitution for the 21st Century, Illinois Policy Institute, Chicago, pp. 101 - 124

Holden RT, 2016, 'Law and Economics', in The Critical Judgments Project Re-Reading Monis V the Queen

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Dixon RJ; Holden R, 2012, 'Constitutional Amendment Rules: The Denominator Problem', in Ginsburg T (ed.), Comparative Constitutional Design, Cambridge University Press, New York, pp. 195 - 218,

Journal articles

Brünner T; Friebel G; Holden R; Prasad S, 2022, 'Incentives to Discover Talent', Journal of Law, Economics, and Organization, vol. 38, pp. 309 - 344,

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Dessein W; Holden R, 2022, 'Organizations with Power-Hungry Agents', Journal of Law and Economics, vol. 65, pp. S263 - S291,

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Dixon R; Holden R, 2018, A Climate Dividend for Australians, UNSW, Sydney

Gratton G; Holden R; Kolotilin A, Timing Information Flows,

Working Papers

Dobrescu I; Holden R; Motta A; Wong C, 2019, Fun in Education,

Kartik N; Tercieux O; Holden R, Simple mechanisms and preferences for honesty,

Aghion P; Fudenberg D; Holden R; Kunimoto T; Tercieux O, Subgame-Perfect Implementation Under Information Perturbations,

Aghion P; Fehr E; Holden R; Wilkening T, The Role of Bounded Rationality and Imperfect Information in Subgame Perfect Implementation: An Empirical Investigation, http://dx.doi.org


Gratton G; Holden R, 2018, QuItaly is Now a Real Possibility,

Gratton G; Holden R, 2018, Can Australia avoid Europe’s populist fate?

Gratton G; Holden R, 2017, Labor Should Take Heed

Milas C; Kyris G; Arvanitakis J; Fotaki M; Papastergiadis N; Davison R; Holden R; Buckley R; Vasilopoulou S, 2015, Greece votes No: Experts respond,


Alesina AF; Holden R, Ambiguity and Extremism in Elections,

Holden R; Malani A, Can Blockchain Solve the Holdup Problem in Contracts?,

Akerlof R; Holden R, Capital Assembly,

Holden R; Malani A, Contracts versus Assets and the Boundary of the Firm,

Gibbons RS; Holden R; Powell ML, Firms in Markets Under Uncertainty,

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