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Beswick K; Roberts P; Eacott S; Holden R; Alonzo D; Downes N; Mularcyzk L; Loughland T; Cridge S; Corbyn E; Bedford M, 2023, Rural and Regional Education Project: Final Report,

Dixon R; Vogt M; Holden R, 2019, (Un)Taxing Child-Care: Boosting Choice and Labour Supply through Subsidised & Tax-Deductible Child-Care in Australia,

Dixon R, 2019, Saving (and) Care: Closing the Gender Gap in the Australian Superannuation System,

Holden R; Dixon R, 2019, The Australian Carbon Dividend Plan: An Update

Dixon R; Holden R, 2018, A Climate Dividend for Australians, UNSW, Sydney,

Dixon R; Holden R; Rosenberg A, 2018, Social Return Accounting

Dixon R; Holden R, 2017, Social Emergency Lending: Social Emergency Saving

Gratton G; Holden R; Kolotilin A, 2015, Timing Information Flows, 2015-16,

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