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Altulyan MS; Huang C; Yao L; Wang X; Kanhere S, 2022, 'Deep Reinforcement Learning for Dynamic Things of Interest Recommendation in Intelligent Ambient Environment', in Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Springer International Publishing, pp. 393 - 404,

Rivera A CA; Shaghaghi A; Nguyen DD; Kanhere SS, 2022, 'Is This IoT Device Likely to Be Secure? Risk Score Prediction for IoT Devices Using Gradient Boosting Machines', in Lecture Notes of the Institute for Computer Sciences, Social Informatics and Telecommunications Engineering, Springer International Publishing, pp. 115 - 127,

Karumba S; Dedeoglu V; Dorri A; Jurdak R; Kanhere SS, 2021, 'Utilizing Blockchain as a Citizen‐Utility for Future Smart Grids', in , Wiley, pp. 201 - 224,

Al-Banna M; Benatallah B; Barukh MC; Bertino E; Kanhere S, 2021, 'Crowdsourcing Software Vulnerability Discovery: Models, Dimensions, and Directions', in Web Information Systems Engineering – WISE 2021, Springer International Publishing, pp. 3 - 13,

Yates D; Islam MZ; Zhao Y; Nayak R; Estivill-Castro V; Kanhere S, 2021, 'PostMatch: A Framework for Efficient Address Matching', in Communications in Computer and Information Science, Springer Singapore, pp. 136 - 151,

Michelin RA; Castagna Lunardi R; Nunes HC; Dedeoglu V; Neu CV; Zorzo AF; Kanhere SS, 2021, 'Appendable-Block Blockchains', in Advances in Information Security, Privacy, and Ethics, IGI Global, pp. 66 - 88,

Rodrigues B; Franco MF; Scheid E; Kanhere SS; Stiller B, 2020, 'A Technology-driven Overview on Blockchain-based Academic Certificate Handling', in Blockchain Technology Applications in Education, IGI Global, pp. 197 - 223,

Dedeoglu V; Jurdak R; Dorri A; Lunardi RC; Michelin RA; Zorzo AF; Kanhere SS, 2020, 'Blockchain Technologies for IoT', in Studies in Big Data, Springer Singapore, pp. 55 - 89,

Dorri A; Steger M; Kanhere SS; Jurdak R, 2019, 'A blockchain-based solution to automotive security and privacy', in Blockchain for Distributed Systems Security, pp. 95 - 115,

Kaiser C; Steger M; Dorri A; Festl A; Stocker A; Fellmann M; Kanhere S, 2019, 'Towards a Privacy-Preserving Way of Vehicle Data Sharing - A Case for Blockchain Technology?', in Dubbert J; Muller B; Meyer G (ed.), Advanced Microsystems for Automotive Applications 2018, SPRINGER INTERNATIONAL PUBLISHING AG, pp. 111 - 122,

Ahmed S; Kanhere SS, 2016, 'Message dissemination in vehicular networks', in Delay Tolerant Networks: Protocols and Applications, pp. 223 - 260

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Malik MA; Kanhere SS; Hassan M; Benatallah B, 2004, 'On-Board RSVP: An Extension of RSVP to Support Real-Time Services in On-Board IP Networks', in Distributed Computing - IWDC 2004, Springer Berlin Heidelberg, pp. 264 - 275,

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