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Wang S; Abuadbba S; Agarwal S; Moore K; Nepal S; Kanhere S, 2022, Integrity Fingerprinting of DNN with Double Black-box Design and Verification

Timmer RC; Liebowitz D; Nepal S; Kanhere S, 2022, TSM: Measuring the Enticement of Honeyfiles with Natural Language Processing

Timmer RC; Liebowitz D; Nepal S; Kanhere SS, 2022, Can pre-trained Transformers be used in detecting complex sensitive sentences? -- A Monsanto case study

Putra GD; Kang C; Kanhere SS; Hong JW-K, 2022, DeTRM: Decentralised Trust and Reputation Management for Blockchain-based Supply Chains

Gill SS; Xu M; Ottaviani C; Patros P; Bahsoon R; Shaghaghi A; Golec M; Stankovski V; Wu H; Abraham A; Singh M; Mehta H; Ghosh SK; Baker T; Parlikad AK; Lutfiyya H; Kanhere SS; Sakellariou R; Dustdar S; Rana O; Brandic I; Uhlig S, 2022, AI for Next Generation Computing: Emerging Trends and Future Directions

Dorri A; Roulin C; Pal S; Baalbaki S; Jurdak R; Kanhere S, 2022, Device Identification in Blockchain-Based Internet of Things

Alvarez CAR; Shaghaghi A; Nguyen DD; Kanhere SS, 2021, Is this IoT Device Likely to be Secure? Risk Score Prediction for IoT Devices Using Gradient Boosting Machines

Putra GD; Dedeoglu V; Pathak A; Kanhere SS; Jurdak R, 2021, Decentralised Trustworthy Collaborative Intrusion Detection System for IoT,

Conti M; Boldrini C; Kanhere SS; Mingozzi E; Pagani E; Ruiz PM; Younis M, 2021, From MANET to people-centric networking: milestones and open research challenges

Putra GD; Dedeoglu V; Kanhere SS; Jurdak R, 2021, Blockchain for Trust and Reputation Management in Cyber-physical Systems

Ramachandran GS; Malik S; Pal S; Dorri A; Dedeoglu V; Kanhere S; Jurdak R, 2021, Blockchain in Supply Chain: Opportunities and Design Considerations

Malik S; Gupta N; Dedeoglu V; Kanhere SS; Jurdak R, 2021, TradeChain: Decoupling Traceability and Identity inBlockchain enabled Supply Chains

Malik S; Dedeoglu V; Kanhere S; Jurdak R, 2021, PrivChain: Provenance and Privacy Preservation in Blockchain enabled Supply Chains

Putra GD; Dedeoglu V; Kanhere SS; Jurdak R; Ignjatovic A, 2021, Trust-based Blockchain Authorization for IoT

Ahmed N; Michelin RA; Xue W; Putra GD; Ruj S; Kanhere SS; Jha S, 2021, DIMY: Enabling Privacy-preserving Contact Tracing

Ali H; Nepal S; Kanhere SS; Jha S, 2020, HaS-Nets: A Heal and Select Mechanism to Defend DNNs Against Backdoor Attacks for Data Collection Scenarios

Hoseini SA; Bokani A; Hassan J; Salehi S; Kanhere SS, 2020, Energy and Service-priority aware Trajectory Design for UAV-BSs using Double Q-Learning

Puggioni E; Shaghaghi A; Doss R; Kanhere SS, 2020, Towards Decentralized IoT Updates Delivery Leveraging Blockchain and Zero-Knowledge Proofs

Ullah I; Boreli R; Kanhere SS, 2020, Privacy in Targeted Advertising: A Survey

Ullah I; Kanhere SS; Boreli R, 2020, Privacy-preserving targeted mobile advertising: A Blockchain-based framework for mobile ads

Xu W; Zhang J; Kim JY; Huang W; Kanhere SS; Jha SK; Hu W; Misra P, 2020, A Novel Emergency Light Based Smart Building Solution: Design, Implementation and Use Cases

Oham C; Michelin R; Kanhere SS; Jurdak R; Jha S, 2020, B-FERL: Blockchain based Framework for Securing Smart Vehicles

Altulyan M; Yao L; Wang X; Huang C; Kanhere SS; Sheng QZ, 2020, Recommender Systems for the Internet of Things: A Survey

Ahmed N; Michelin RA; Xue W; Ruj S; Malaney R; Kanhere SS; Seneviratne A; Hu W; Janicke H; Jha S, 2020, A Survey of COVID-19 Contact Tracing Apps

Nunes HC; Lunardi RC; Zorzo AF; Michelin RA; Kanhere SS, 2020, Context-based smart contracts for appendable-block blockchains

Kamenski D; Shaghaghi A; Warren M; Kanhere SS, 2020, Attacking with bitcoin: Using Bitcoin to Build Resilient Botnet Armies

Shoghri AE; Liebig J; Gardner L; Jurdak R; Kanhere S, 2020, How mobility patterns drive disease spread: A case study using public transit passenger card travel data

Shoghri AE; Liebig J; Jurdak R; Gardner L; Kanhere SS, 2020, Identifying highly influential travellers for spreading disease on a public transport system

Hoseini SA; Hassan J; Bokani A; Kanhere SS, 2020, Trajectory Optimization of Flying Energy Sources using Q-Learning to Recharge Hotspot UAVs

Putra GD; Dedeoglu V; Kanhere SS; Jurdak R, 2020, Poster Abstract: Towards Scalable and Trustworthy Decentralized Collaborative Intrusion Detection System for IoT

Gupta P; Dedeoglu V; Najeebullah K; Kanhere SS; Jurdak R, 2020, Energy-aware Demand Selection and Allocation for Real-time IoT Data Trading

Lunardi RC; Michelin RA; Neu CV; Zorzo AF; Kanhere SS, 2019, Impact of consensus on appendable-block blockchain for IoT

Michelin RA; Ahmed N; Kanhere SS; Seneviratne A; Jha S, 2019, Leveraging lightweight blockchain to establish data integrity for surveillance cameras

Putra GD; Dedeoglu V; Kanhere SS; Jurdak R, 2019, Trust Management in Decentralized IoT Access Control System

Dedeoglu V; Dorri A; Jurdak R; Michelin RA; Lunardi RC; Kanhere SS; Zorzo AF, 2019, A journey in applying blockchain for cyberphysical systems

Xu W; Kim JY; Huang W; Kanhere S; Jha S; Hu W, 2019, Measurement, Characterization and Modeling of LoRa Technology in Multi-floor Buildings

Dedeoglu V; Jurdak R; Putra GD; Dorri A; Kanhere SS, 2019, A Trust Architecture for Blockchain in IoT

Malik S; Dedeoglu V; Kanhere SS; Jurdak R, 2019, TrustChain: Trust Management in Blockchain and IoT supported Supply Chains

Gupta P; Kanhere S; Jurdak R, 2019, A Decentralized IoT Data Marketplace

Bai L; Yao L; Kanhere SS; Wang X; Sheng QZ, 2019, STG2Seq: Spatial-temporal Graph to Sequence Model for Multi-step Passenger Demand Forecasting

Hassan J; Bokani A; Kanhere SS, 2019, Recharging of Flying Base Stations using Airborne RF Energy Sources

Hassan FU; Ali A; Rahouti M; Latif S; Kanhere S; Singh J; AlaAl-Fuqaha ; Janjua U; Mian AN; Qadir J; Crowcroft J, 2019, Blockchain And The Future of the Internet: A Comprehensive Review

Bai L; Yao L; Kanhere SS; Wang X; Yang Z, 2018, Automatic Device Classification from Network Traffic Streams of Internet of Things

Dorri A; Roulin C; Jurdak R; Kanhere S, 2018, On the Activity Privacy of Blockchain for IoT

Dorri A; Luo F; Kanhere SS; Jurdak R; Dong ZY, 2018, A Secure and Efficient Direct Power Load Control Framework Based on Blockchain

Dorri A; Hill A; Kanhere SS; Jurdak R; Luo F; Dong ZY, 2018, Peer-to-Peer EnergyTrade: A Distributed Private Energy Trading Platform

Luo T; Kanhere SS; Das SK; Tan H-P, 2018, Optimal Prizes for All-Pay Contests in Heterogeneous Crowdsourcing

Manzoor A; Liyanage M; Braeken A; Kanhere SS; Ylianttila M, 2018, Blockchain based Proxy Re-Encryption Scheme for Secure IoT Data Sharing

Zhang X; Yao L; Huang C; Kanhere SS; Zhang D; Zhang Y, 2018, Brain2Object: Printing Your Mind from Brain Signals with Spatial Correlation Embedding

Shaghaghi A; Kanhere SS; Kaafar MA; Jha S, 2018, Gwardar: Towards Protecting a Software-Defined Network from Malicious Network Operating Systems

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