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Lehmann T; Aluthwala P; Parameswaran S, 2019, 'Digitally enhanced digital-to-analogue converters', in Digitally Enhanced Mixed Signal Systems, Institution of Engineering and Technology, pp. 227 - 254,

Bokhari H; Parameswaran S, 2017, 'Network-on-chip design', in Handbook of Hardware/Software Codesign, pp. 461 - 489,

Bokhari H; Shafique M; Henkel J; Parameswaran S, 2017, 'Adroit use of dark silicon for power, performance and reliability optimisation of NoCs', in Rahmani A; Liljeberg P; Hemani A; Jantsch A; Tenhunen H (ed.), The Dark Side of Silicon: Energy Efficient Computing in the Dark Silicon Era, Springer, pp. 291 - 325,

Cetin E; Diessel O; Li T; Ambrose J; Fisk T; Parameswaran S; Dempster A, 2016, 'Overview and Investigation of SEU Detection and Recovery Approaches for FPGA-Based Heterogeneous Systems', in FPGAs and Parallel Architectures for Aerospace Applications Soft Errors and Fault-Tolerant Design, Springer, pp. 33 - 46,

Bokhari H; Parameswaran S, 2016, 'Network-on-Chip Design', in Handbook of Hardware/Software Codesign, Springer Netherlands, pp. 1 - 29,

Henkel J; Parameswaran S; Cheung N, 2007, 'Application-specific embedded processors', in Designing Embedded Processors: A Low Power Perspective, pp. 3 - 23,

Henkel J; Parameswaran S, 2007, 'Foreword: Embedded processors -What is next?', in Designing Embedded Processors: A Low Power Perspective,

Parameswaran S; Henkel J; Cheung N, 2007, 'Chapter 11 Instruction Matching and Modeling', in Customizable Embedded Processors, pp. 257 - 280,

Cheung NL; Henkel J; Parameswaran S, 2003, 'Rapid Configuration & Instruction Selection for an ASIP:a Case Study', in Jerraya A; Yoo S; Verkest D; Wehn N (ed.), Embedded Software for, Kluwer Academic Publishers, Boston, USA, pp. 403 - 417,

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