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Bayat A; Gamaarachchi H; Deshpande N; Wilkins M; Parameswaran S, 2020, Methods for De-novo Genome Assembly,

Ragel RG; Ambrose JA; Parameswaran S, 2015, SecureD: A Secure Dual Core Embedded Processor

Haque MS; Peddersen J; Parameswaran S, 2015, CIPARSim: Cache Intersection Property Assisted Rapid Single-pass FIFO Cache Simulation Technique

Haque MS; Peddersen J; Janapsatya A; Parameswaran S, 2015, DEW: A Fast Level 1 Cache Simulation Approach for Embedded Processors with FIFO Replacement Policy

Samarakoon H; Ferguson JM; Jenner SP; Amos TG; Parameswaran S; Gamaarachchi H; Deveson IW, Flexible and efficient handling of nanopore sequencing signal data with slow5tools,

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