Select Publications

Edited Books

Costello C; Foster M; McAdam J, (eds.), 2021, The Oxford Handbook of International Refugee Law, Oxford University Press

Vidas D; Freestone D; McAdam J, (eds.), 2019, International Law and Sea Level Rise: Report of the International Law Association Committee on International Law and Sea Level Rise, Brill,

McAdam J; Lambert H; Fullerton M, (eds.), 2013, The Global Reach of European Refugee Law, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge

McAdam J, (ed.), 2010, Climate Change and Displacement: Multidisciplinary Perspectives, Hart Publishing, Oxford

McAdam J, (ed.), 2008, Forced Migration, Human Rights and Security, Hart Publishing, Oxford

McAdam J; & Others , (ed.), 1995, Displaced Worlds: Experience and History in Modern Europe, Sydney Studies in History No 4, University of Sydney

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