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McAdam J; Ghezelbash D; Gleeson M; Harley T, 2024, The Consequences of the Government’s New Migration Legislation Could Be Dire – For Individuals and for Australia, ,

McAdam J, 2024, How the ICJ Could Shape Protection for People Displaced in the context of Climate Change, ,

McAdam J; Wood T, 2023, A Different Kind of Climate Movement: The Kaldor Centre Principles on Climate Mobility, ,

McAdam J, 2023, Australia’s Offer of Climate Migration to Tuvalu Residents is Groundbreaking – and Could Be a Lifeline Across the Pacific, ,

McAdam J; Saul B, 2023, ‘Gaza is being strangled’: why Israel’s evacuation order violates international law, ,

Ghezelbash D; McAdam J, 2023, Why the Government’s Plan to Overhaul the Asylum System is a Smart Use of Resources – and Might Just Work, ,

McAdam J, 2023, Maui after Fire Illustrates Need to Plan for Longer-Term Disaster Displacement, ,

McAdam J; Barbour B; Higgins C; Ghezelbash D; Gleeson M; Harley T, 2023, Our cruel and costly offshore processing system was a failure. We have a better solution on asylum policy, The Conversation, ,

McAdam J, 2022, Should They Stay or Find Another Home? First, Talk to the Flood Victims, ,

McAdam J, 2022, We Have an Opportunity to Hit Refresh on Refugee Policy, ,;

McAdam J, 2022, Evacuations: Sometimes the Real Disaster Is What Happens After, ,

McAdam J, 2022, Europe triggers 'temporary protection' for Ukraine war refugees, ,

McAdam J, 2021, Protecting People Who Lose Their Homes to Climate Change, ,

McAdam J; Bashford A; Jefferies R, 2021, Will NSW’s Opening Up to International Travel Lead to Internal Borders Closing Down?, ,

McAdam J, 2021, Millions of People were Evacuated during Disasters Last Year: The Rising Human Cost of Climate Change, ,

McAdam J; Jefferies R; Hicks L, 2021, The Federal Government Just Made It Even Harder for Australians Overseas to Come Home. Is This Legal? Or Reasonable?, ,

McAdam J; Jefferies R, 2021, Hard to See the Reasoning Behind New Rules for Australian Expats, ,

McAdam J; Jefferies R, 2021, Who’s Being Allowed to Leave Australia during COVID? FOI Data Show It Is Murky and Arbitrary, ,

McAdam J; Jefferies R, 2021, Bring Them Home: Both the Law and Moral Duty Demand We Don’t Leave Australians Stranded in India, ,

McAdam J, 2021, As Biden Seeks Answers on Climate’s Impact on Migration, Sydney Declaration Provides Legal Ground Rules for Action, ,

McAdam J, 2021, Should Aussies Stranded Overseas Go to the United Nations for Help to Get Home?, ,

McAdam J; Martin L, 2020, Australia “Stopped the Boats” but What Happened to the Refugees Who Reached Its Shores?, ,

McAdam J; Saul B, 2020, Under Human Rights Law, Australia Runs out of Excuses for Leaving Citizens Stranded Overseas, ,

McAdam J; Pryke J, 2020, Preparing for When Climate Change Drives People from Their Homes, ,

McAdam J; Pryke J, 2020, An Australian Model to Address Climate-Related Displacement: How to Flatten the Curve, ,

McAdam J; Pryke J, 2020, We Can No Longer Ignore the Threats Facing the Pacific: We Need to Support More Migration to Australia, ,

McAdam J; Gleeson M, 2020, Australia's offshore asylum centres have been a cruel disaster. They must not be replicated by the UK, ,

McAdam J, 2020, Policing the borders, ,

McAdam J, 2020, The Twin Calamities of Climate Change and COVID-19, Kaldor Centre for International Refugee Law, ,

McAdam J, 2020, The Impacts of COVID-19 on the World’s Displaced People: A Watching Brief, Kaldor Centre for International Refugee Law, ,

McAdam J, 2020, Climate refugees cannot be forced back home, ,

McAdam J, 2020, The Policy Problems of Fleeing Disaster, ,

McAdam J, 2019, An evidence-based refugee policy agenda, ,

McAdam J, 2019, Australia's chance to turn with the tide: Enabling safe, orderly and dignified movement, Asia & the Pacific Policy Society, ,

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McAdam J, 2013, Caught between Homelands,

McAdam J; Loughry M, 2009, We Aren’t Refugees, ,

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